Coven – Wake You Up EP

Posted by on December 23, 2011

I will start out by saying I am disappointed in Skrillex’s new EP, but you can’t blame the guy. He is obviously just fulfilling what is left of his contract with Big Beat and saving his good tracks for his own label. Coven on the other hand dropped a shorter, but way better EP. Coven is a new artist to me, after I heard his official remix of Teknian’s Ruff. His style is interesting, unlike a lot of dubstep artists, it sounds like he really tried to make each track coincide with each other. He uses a heavier bass-line, but each track as a whole isn’t what you quite expect. Insect Flick is an incredible track. The others on the EP are also great, but this track really shows Coven’s artistic value to music. I also really like Roughmath’s remix on this EP, it’s nuts. All in all, Coven assembled a sick project.

Coven – Wake You Up

Coven – Whoopi’s Back In The Habit (Original Mix)

Coven – Wake You Up (Original Mix)

Coven – Insect Flick (Original Mix)

Coven – Wake You UP (Roughmath Remix)

Coven – Wake You Up (Radio Edit)

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