R Rated #7

Posted by on December 15, 2011

Before you guys go crazy, I know this preview of Culprate’s track isn’t really considered to be “filthy”, but trust me their EP thats going to released on the 25th is going to have some sick tunes. Culprate brings something new to the dubstep scene, kind of like a KOAN Sound style in their own interpretation. As far as R Rated tracks, we have them in full force for the holidays so prepare yourself. To make up for my late post, I loaded the R Rated stocking with some extra goodies this week so enjoy.

DOWNLOAD:Dodge & Fuski – Python

DOWNLOAD:Tasha – Journey (Culprate & Twist remix)

DOWNLOAD:Mont?e – Rendition of You (Savant Remix)

DOWNLOAD:Celldweller – Louder Than Words (Bare Remix)

DOWNLOAD:Genetix – From The Mist

DOWNLOAD:South Central – Dance Of The Skeletons

I had to bring this dope Rob Swire remix back as my throwback this week. This track just never gets old, and it felt like a good time since Knife Party released there first EP this week as well. Rob Swire goes laying down some nice vocals, with a sick drop that comes out of no where.

THROWBACK:Pendulum – Witchcraft (Rob Swire’s Drum-Step Mix)

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