Kelly Rowland ft. Big Sean, Los | Hip-Hop

Posted by on July 18, 2011

Los has been on our radar as of late, and these raps over I’m On One only strengthen his buzz. I’m glad to finally hear some good verses over this beat instead of  “I walk up in da club…. f*ck everybody“.
DOWNLOAD: Los ft. Drake – I’m On One

Hot off her nationwide hit , Motivation, (which is also Biglife’s favorite song) Kelly Rowland is back with another sleazy song, which seems to be the formula for success now a days. However with a feature from our favorite rapper of the month who is hot off the release of his album, Finally Famous, she can’t go wrong.
DOWNLOAD: Kelly Rowland ft. Big Sean – Lay It On Me

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  • imabitch

    i see you shinning you know hiphop, when you sell 1 million albums in a week by which only 3 other people, i dont know why im saying this cause you’re not a rapper, have done in history in a time of decline for album saleing talk to me cause im a bitch stupid, keep making your jabs at certain rappers doesn’t change the fact that your sick and i cant spell

  • tsk tsk

    Cstan, if you really hate lil wayne then don’t post him. this is YOUR blog, why would you post songs/artists that you dont think are good? you contradict yourself at every corner, how can you put up a song for download and then talk about how bad the artist is… your IQ seems to be very low broski

  • Yeyhoo

    yeah his jabs are so immature especially after 3/4 of the other bashing thread everyone agrees hes wrong, stubborn, immature, poor poster should just stop.