The SoniXx, Hyjax, Xilent, Nero, and Rusko

Posted by on July 13, 2011

This is another video I took at Camp Bisco, this one is of Bassnectar’s opening. I don’t know what track he opened with, if anyone does please let me know. I want it, haha. Besides that, his show was sick. One of the best sets at Bisco.

There have been many remixes of this track, this one is the best dubstep one by far. Best house-step I have ever heard.

DOWNLOAD: Kaskade & Adam K ft. Sunsun – Raining (The SoniXx Remix)

In my opinion this is the best Hyjax has done. This remix is a perfect balance between grime and dubstep.

DOWNLOAD: Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci (HyJax Remix)

Xilent basically came out of nowhere. All of a sudden as of March, the name comes up once a week. Each track thats dropped is awesome.

DOWNLOAD: Yogi Feat. Ayah Marar – Follow You (Xilent Remix)

*Before listening to the tracks below hear me out on this. Neither of these tracks are confirmed, in fact no one is really sure they are even by Nero or Rusko. With that said it honestly doesn’t matter to me because these two tracks are good and will stay up either way.

DOWNLOAD: Nero – The Way You Make Me Feel

DOWNLOAD: Rusko – Got You In Check

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  • Scasm0

    Song he opened with is Seasons in the Abyss by Slayer! Sick haha bassnectars putting metal into his sets like borgore. Then it goes into a remix i think or maybe transition idk about that last part

  • Thai Reader

    for some reason, downloading from hulkshare always get interrupted

  • T

    I know for sure the Nero one is real, it leaked from the advance EP a few weeks ago, can’t comment on the Rusko song. They are both sick though, thanks for the post man.

  • Mackenziestevenson

    @Scasm0 Thanks man, that helps me a bit more in the search for that remix.

    @Thai Reader That has something to do with your computer or your network

    @T Yea the Nero one is going to be their next full length album, but that Rusko one has been floating around for a few weeks and no one has confirmed it. I just thought it was time to put it up and see peoples thoughts.

  • LoveTheWobble