Phetsta, Tomlinson, and Smooth Chad | Dubstep

Posted by on May 29, 2011

Phetsta seems to mix it up often with the basslines. Last track I listened to wasn’t wobbly, atleast not as wobbly as this. Vocals are hot on this track, definitely a dubstep banger.

DOWNLOAD: Gui Boratto – Drunk In This (Phetsta Remix)

This track is very pronounced drumstep, despite that this is a pretty sweet remix. Tomlinson dropped a few tracks in the past few days, this one obviously being the more awesome one of the bunch.

DOWNLOAD: Flux Pavilion – Bass Cannon (Tomlinson Remix)

For all of you who think your Sherlock Holmes, I know this isn’t the full original. You dont really have to wait for an orignal of a track anymore because someone like Smooth Chad is bound to make an extended edit that kicks ass.

DOWNLOAD: Foreign Beggars – Still Getting It (Ft. Skrillex) (Smooth Chad edit)

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  • g

    it hurts that i cannot find the remix that he played in the video anywhere, any word as to when its dropping?

  • Tosh

    @ G, dropping sometime in July

  • yea tosh has it right, July 24th to be more specific from what iv heard

  • G

    laaaame, I need it now!
    haha good lookin out though guys, thanks