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Posted by on April 26, 2011

Felt the need to share this video with you guys….take a hint from this dude, if you’re sick of traffic (particularly in LA) just get out of your car, blast dubstep and start….doing the robot? I just love how he continues the robotic motions as he steps back into the car and closes the door behind him. Classic.

Moving forward….

I have an ill remix for those of you Adele fans. Plastic Plates’ “Set Fire to Rain” Remix has received much recognition over the past few days. Some have even declared it the “remix of the summer.” I’ll let you decide.

For some odd reason, the beginning of this remix reminds me of an “Ace of Bass” track. Anyone agree?

DOWNLOAD: Adele – Set Fire To The Rain (Plastic Plates Remix)

Nero’s massive track, “Innocence,” was sick to begin with. Feed Me’s remix of it, however, may have just pushed it over the edge. I’m praying the upcoming producer will hit New York sometime soon.

DOWNLOAD: Nero – Innocence (Feed Me Remix)BIGLIFE certified MUST DL dubstep track!

You should know who R3hab is by now. In anticipation of “Prutata’s” drop, the track which R3hab collaborated with Afrojack on, download “The Bottle Song.”

DOWNLOAD: R3hab – The Bottle Song (Original Mix)

The following song is a solid remix of Daft Punk’s “Together” track (one of the best off Alive). Cheers to Mac Stanton.

DOWNLOAD: Daft Punk – Together (Mac Stanton Remix)


Damn, it’s good to hear from Eve. It sort of brings me back to the days of my “childhood.” Swizz Beatz has offered fans a remix of “Everyday,” or “Coolin,” by adding Gilbere Forte’ to the mix. Summer jam?

DOWNLOAD: Swizz Beatz ft. Eve & Gilbere Forte’ – Everyday (Coolin’) Remix

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