FBI Releases Biggie Murder File | Hip-Hop

Posted by on April 8, 2011

The FBI released their very redacted file on the murder of Notorious B.I.G. I just finished reading the whole thing and will give a brief overview of key points stated. Note that because the FBI blacked out a lot of things including many names there is only so much one can take from it.

Biggie was pumped full of 9mm Gecko ammunition which is only manufactured in Germany, and can only be obtained in the US in NJ and CA. Most if not all of the security members and LAPD present at the function were Bloods and known to do security for Death Row.

Something else I found interesting was that many unnamed individuals were able to help with complete sketches of the shooter. The file talks a lot about Tupacs legal history, the East Vs West rivalry, and most importantly Biggie’s involvement with the Genevese crime family of NY.

Check out the file yourself on the FBI’s Website.

FBI File On Christopher Wallace

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