Frenk Dublin, King Kuula, The Frim, and Torus | Dubstep

Posted by on March 25, 2011

Bloodsport…Great Movie. This first track is so SICK. Starts off slow and calm, but if you have listened to dubstep before you know whats coming. The drop on this track is AWESOME. Two faced is the best way to describe the  tracks transitions from slow beats to hard drops.

DOWNLOAD: Frenk Dublin – Whisper to Scream

Those of you who are familiar with the old Castlevania games wont be the only ones to enjoy this. This track incorporates the games classic beat with some SWEET drops.

DOWNLOAD: Castlevania – Vampire Killer (King Kuula Remix)

I have said this many times before, I am a big Minnesota fan. “Bass Power” was already a KILLER dubstep track, The Frim just made it a little better.

DOWNLOAD: Minnesota – Bass Power (The Frim Remix)

Now we get to the last track of the post. This means one thing, HEAVY!

DOWNLOAD: Torus – Hex

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