Skrubz, Electrixx, and Atomic | Dubstep

Posted by on March 24, 2011

For me Skrubz is most well know for that sick remix of “Ravers Fantasy.” Back again, Skrubz drops this HOT remix, it is like a hammer of awesomeness beating on your eardrums. Turn up the volume and bass, this BUMPS.

DOWNLOAD: T-Pain & Soulja Boy – Speakers Going Hammer (Skrubz Remix) – MUST DL

The Tetris theme song is one of the worst song to get stuck in your head, once it’s in there it impossible to stop it. This track gives off the opposite vibe, once you hear it you wont want to stop listening. It retains the original theme at parts, but once you hit 3:35 you feel those bricks drop.

DOWNLOAD: Electrixx – Tetris

I love the dubstep tracks that start out all calm and then BOOM you get hit with the fury of 1000 angry subs.

DOWNLOAD: Atomic – Harakiri

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