Atmosphere and Katy Perry (Tiesto Remix) | Hip-Hop and Electro

Posted by on February 1, 2011

This video is old, but its incredibly addictive. Once you start watching your eyes and ears are glued till the end.


I really thought this first track through. It was either Tiesto and Katy Perry first or Atmosphere. I feel hip-hop deserved to lead off in this post, you will see why.

DOWNLOAD: Atmosphere (Ft. Prof, Felipe Cuauhtli, & Gene Poole) – Minnesota Nice

Tiesto makes sick remixes we all know that, but its a first for him to do one of Katy Perry. A leap of faith? Hear it for yourself.

DOWNLOAD: Katy Perry – E.T. (Futuristic Lover Tiesto Remix)

BONUS – This song is just as necessary as oxygen itself.

DOWNLOAD: Hadouken! – Oxygen (Gemini Remix – BANGER

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