SkullyBoom Contest!

Posted by on November 10, 2010

Right about now your probably wondering what the hell a skully boom is, what the hell that little alien looking device is clipped on to that guys belt, and why the hell there isn’t a song included in this post. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce one of the greatest devices in the world of speakers ever created. This little guy is a portable speaker that is compatible with any musical device and is perfect for the mobile generation we’ve become. The back features a little clip so you can easily clip it on your belt and bump music while you walk, bike, drive, or skip (Biglifes favorite mode of transportation). Don’t under estimate the sb1’s size, this little guy BUMPS. It does at least twice what your mac computer speakers do and provides a bass loud enough to knock your girlfriends clothes off (no where near that loud), but the bass will leave you impressed.

CONTEST: “Like” Skullybooms facebook page. Click HERE. Then, the great minds at fresh new tracks and skully boom have created a madlib for you to do. Post the madlib on their facebook page, and the madlib that gets “liked” the most on their fbook page will be winning a free skully boom! CONTEST ENDS TOMORROW!

Madlib: “I (would) listen to artist/genre on my adjective/description skullyboom when I’m riding a noun/animal at (a/an/the) location.”

Example: – I (would) listen to Daft Punk on my little skullyboom when I’m riding an ostrich at the Olympics.

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