Lil Wayne- Do It Again

Posted by on November 7, 2010

Do you know why this sounds good? Because it’s being recorded by a sober Wayne. (Yes, this track was created during the time of the Carter III. Although I know he wasn’t “sober” during the album creating process, it’s clear that he was sober on this individual song. Just listen to his voice.) I know everyone is going to say, but “A”… All his creativity comes from drinking that horrendous cough syrup. False. It’s a new day for Wayne. If you’ve done some light reading like I have, you’ll know that Wayne can’t drink any alcoholic substances for the next three years under the terms of his probation.

Here’s what I expect to happen in the coming months. Either Wayne will be able to fight his demons, clean house at “Young Money”, and sober up, or he’ll fall back into his old ways and rot away in jail for a few more years. Although I expect the latter to happen, I don’t actively wish it on him. Which brings me to another point.

What’s up with everyone saying “Welcome Home Weezy”? Do you really think he reads your Facebook status update or your blog? We’re talking about Lil Wayne. We’re talking about someone who can’t even cut their own steak because they’re so lazy focused on music. I doubt he’s even capable of surfing the internet.

My point is, why are we actively glorifying someone who is a convicted felon? Why do we act like him coming home is a bigger deal than all the important political and social issues that are going on in the world right now? I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to be friends with Lil Wayne. Who wants to be associated with someone who commits crimes and was a former addict? Maybe I’ve missed the boat, but that’s just how I see it.

Bottom line, we shouldn’t be putting these “artists” on a pedestal. They’re people just like you and I (minus the criminal record) that happen to have a knack for making music. The only reason they’re in the position that they’re in is because of fans. So next time you exalt an artist to “god-like” status, and think about welcoming them home like you would a personal friend, ask yourself whether or not they’re worthy of your admiration and attention.

Lil Wayne- Do It Again

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