Mashup Mondays

Posted by on October 16, 2010

Do I care that it’s Saturday and I’m calling this post Mashup Mondays? No because the title is catchy and apparently we can just do whatever the hell we want around here. I’m gone from FNT for a minute and I come back to “JEWCEBOX” sacrificing my flow. I know those 50+ likes were all dudes just trying to cut me out of the game. Not going to fall for it – just like girls at my school aren’t going to fall for these atrocious tightie whities my roommate was wearing the other night. Can someone please back me up on this and just publicly humiliate him sometime in the near future for rocking these? Kid has the worst taste in music (go figure) and never goes on FNT so I know I’ll get off scot-free with this one. Shouts to Jessica for her dedication to both my “locks” and music.

NOTE: The player for these is temporarily not playing, will be fixed shortly
Basic Physics – Ghosts on a G6 (Deadmau5 and Far East Movement) (4.5 Star PARTY SONG)

Wiz Khalifa vs. Modjo Others – Thrill of the Lady G6 (DJ Bent Mash Up) (4 Stars)

Justice vs. Wolfgang Gartner – illmerica Are Your Friends (Steve Camp Mashup) (4 Stars)

Viva la Vida vs Bad Romance – Lady Gaga vs Coldplay(Djs From Mars)(3.5 Stars)

AfroJack & David Guetta VS. Kaskade & Digital LAB – Louder than Empty Streets (Kaskade & Digital LAB Mashup) (3.5 Stars)

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