Albums | Food For Thought: Drake’s “Take Care”

Posted by on November 7, 2011

[NOTE: the Tweet above is from June 24th, 2011]

Let me preface this post by saying, FNT is no saint nor do we pretend to be. We’ve slipped up numerous times in the past and will most likely continue to do so in the future. It’s just the nature of the beast. With that said, we are refraining from posting the most “buzzing” album we’ve seen in a long time, Drake’s “Take Care”. It’s not because we are scared, it’s not because we think we are above everyone else, it’s not because we don’t want you to hear it. It’s because at the moment we think its the right thing to do. It did well over 200k downloads off Hulkshare alone in the first 2.5 hours so it’s out there if you want it. We aren’t stopping you from typing “Hulkshare Drake Take Care” into your browsers. I simply want to give the following article and the related tweet I’ve posted above some much deserved attention, perhaps it’ll influence your decision.

MUST READ ARTICLE: Drake Tells Universal Music To Stop Taking Down The Music He’s Leaking

Hip-Hop | Split Second – Blood Diamond (Official Video) | Hip-Hop

Posted by on April 5, 2011

Finally we get a look into the everyday lives of the three artists behind Split Second in their visuals to “Blood Diamond”. Ok, maybe they’re not completely accurate but you get the gist. Shouts to John Kilmer for the quality production on the video. If you haven’t already done so, grab the track below. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook and stay tuned to FNT – we will be sponsoring their upcoming mixtape “Barely Legal” alongside BroBible and BarstoolU.

NOTE: Hulkshare is having issues that are being addressed as we speak so bear with us.

DOWNLOAD: Split Second – Blood Diamond

Electro, House | Tom Hangs ft Shermanology – Blessed (Avicii Edit) | ELECTRO

Posted by on March 11, 2011

Avicii dropped a little teaser of a filthy track he re-arranged – stay tuned for the full release. (NOTE: this is a PREVIEW)

PREVIEW Tom Hangs ft Shermanology – Blessed (Avicii Edit) by AviciiOfficial


DOWNLOAD: Akon ft. Ludacris and Lil Jon – Drop Down (DJ Frankee and DJ OGB Remix)

DOWNLOAD: Basto! – Gregory’s Theme (Asino Di Medico Remix)

DOWNLOAD: David Guetta ft. Rihanna – Who’s That Chick (Dj Casino New Version)


Dubstep, Electro | ELECTRONIC | Artist You Need to Know – FEED ME

Posted by on January 19, 2011

Feed Me is basically Skrillex 2.0…He was signed to Deadmau5’s external label Mau5trap and is making a name for himself on the scene with his heavy bass, fast pace transitions, and retro synths.

NOTE: These tracks are heavier than the average electronic we post, but if you like electronic music, you’re going to love Feed Me.

DOWNLOAD: Feed Me – Cloudburn (Ft Tasha Baxter) *Must DL

DOWNLOAD: Feed Me – Green Bottle

DOWNLOAD: Feed Me – Muscle Rollers

DOWNLOAD: Feed Me – Talk To Me

DOWNLOAD: Feed Me – Blood Red *Really Heavy

Hip-Hop, RnB | Hip-Hop | Wale, Lloyd, Snoop, Rock City, Ya Boy, and Los

Posted by on December 20, 2010

NOTE: We will be going through the campus rep/intern apps this week so stay tuned. Thanks for your patience

DOWNLOAD: Wale ft Lloyd – Let’s Chill

Expect big things from this kid…
DOWNLOAD: Diggy Simmons – Digg is Like

Some solid new Rock City
DOWNLOAD: Rock City – Dark Fantasy (Freestyle)

DOWNLOAD: Rock City – Reggae Song

Aint nothin like a Snoop track to fire up your dia
DOWNLOAD: Snoop Dogg – O Sockie

More to come from Los soon
DOWNLOAD: Los – 6’7 Freestyle

Harder Rap
DOWNLOAD: Ya Boy ft Cik.Money – Pledge Allegiance 2 The Card

DOWNLOAD: Ya Boy – Arizona Hot

Albums | FNT Wants You!

Posted by on December 12, 2010

As FNT continues to expand we will be looking to add several members to our team. If you are interested in contributing, please email us at [email protected]. Even if you want to write about something completely different from FNT or be a campus representative who deals with apparel or hosts events for us, hit us up. We are literally looking at every and all opportunities so don’t be shy. If you’ve already offered to help, send us a reminder. Use the format below as a template but feel free to go your own route with this too… NOTE: This post will stay at the top, scroll down for new material.

To: [email protected]
High School or College:
What you’d like to contribute to FNT:
Any previous contributions to websites:

Additional information:

Mashups | Mashup Mondays

Posted by on October 16, 2010

Do I care that it’s Saturday and I’m calling this post Mashup Mondays? No because the title is catchy and apparently we can just do whatever the hell we want around here. I’m gone from FNT for a minute and I come back to “JEWCEBOX” sacrificing my flow. I know those 50+ likes were all dudes just trying to cut me out of the game. Not going to fall for it – just like girls at my school aren’t going to fall for these atrocious tightie whities my roommate was wearing the other night. Can someone please back me up on this and just publicly humiliate him sometime in the near future for rocking these? Kid has the worst taste in music (go figure) and never goes on FNT so I know I’ll get off scot-free with this one. Shouts to Jessica for her dedication to both my “locks” and music.

NOTE: The player for these is temporarily not playing, will be fixed shortly
Basic Physics – Ghosts on a G6 (Deadmau5 and Far East Movement) (4.5 Star PARTY SONG)

Wiz Khalifa vs. Modjo Others – Thrill of the Lady G6 (DJ Bent Mash Up) (4 Stars)

Justice vs. Wolfgang Gartner – illmerica Are Your Friends (Steve Camp Mashup) (4 Stars)

Viva la Vida vs Bad Romance – Lady Gaga vs Coldplay(Djs From Mars)(3.5 Stars)

AfroJack & David Guetta VS. Kaskade & Digital LAB – Louder than Empty Streets (Kaskade & Digital LAB Mashup) (3.5 Stars)