Liquid Flow Clothing

Posted by on June 7, 2010

FNT doesn’t normally associate itself with the fashion industry; however, every now and again we come across a line such as Liquid Flow Clothing, which we feel compelled to share with our fan base. In the past, we’ve featured Centre Shoes and Snap Hats (peep those if you haven’t already done so), but we have yet to pop our “clothing line cherry”. For a limited time, Fresh New Tracks viewers will have an exclusive 25% off on these revolutionary multi-use waterproof shorts that are guaranteed to get you laid (see brobible’s article). Whether you plan to hit the beach or go out to the bars and listen to FNTs, these shorts are your ideal option. That’s the beauty of this versatile clothing line, there’s no need to plan ahead because they’re perfect for the easy going bro who acts upon his whims. Visit the Liquid Flow Clothing website and type in FNT2010 at the checkout to get your 25% discount. And if you want to be exactly like Biglife (aka be a ladies man), snag a pair of the crab-style shorts.

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