Chill | Steello & Zinity Are Donating All Proceeds Of “Faith” To Charity

Posted by on May 6, 2016

Steello and Zinity have made an interesting fusion of pop and melancholy chill house with “Faith”. The song stands out with its original vocals and happy vibe. If you are a fan of KOLAJ, you will love what is being presented here.

“Faith” takes things a bit further by donating all proceeds to Children’s Cancer Fund. The sound and the cause combined act as a goosebumps giving moment. Learn more about Steello & Zinity by clicking the SoundCloud link above.

Progressive House | This Norwegian Duo Continues To Knock Hits Out Of The Stadium

Posted by on January 29, 2016

Norwegian Duo has been releasing progressive hits back to back. With each release they garner more support from established media outlets. The sound design of their drums and lead synths stand out to even an experienced producer. We are excited to hear what they have next. If you haven’t heard their last single featuring Matthew Steeper (also featured on Project 46, Slander and many other world tour singles) here.

Chill | Wvrd.’s “Untitled” Keep The Chill Vibes Series Going Strong

Posted by on January 13, 2016

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Last week wvrd. dropped his minimal house original that vibes strong with the heart and mind. This week he drops another tune. “Untitled” a bass-house tune that puts the listener in a deep focus mode.

Wvrd’s tune are simple, but fresh. The sound design put on display works, simply put. It would be great to see some social media presence to get a feel for him more, but for now the music will have to do.


Bass | Trivecta’s Monstercat Release “The Vale” Is An Unforgettable Multi-Mood Journey

Posted by on January 13, 2016

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Monstercat is known far and wide for it’s spectrum of great bass music. Trivecta has added yet another tune to the family with his single “The Vale.” The four-minute experience has fascinating highs and lows, amazing emotions conveyed through sound, and spot-on production quality.

Trivecta signature style and selling point is the highly relatable, highly energetic themes he builds in his music. His tunes paint pictures in your mind virtually without you knowing it, they get even more grand if you pause and truly tune in to the sound for a moment.

If you’re a fan of acts like Varien or Madeon, or enjoy some adventure in your beats, dive into Trivecta.

Melodic Progressive | Unknown Sideproject “Cignature” Drops Incredible Remix

Posted by on August 6, 2015

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A couple months back a side project known as “Cigntaure” popped up out of nowhere with an amazing remix of “Some Nights.” The remix is now in rotation on Sirius XM’s BPM, featured on Proximity, and has hundreds of thousands of plays in no time. Many have suggested that this side project is no other than Audien which we have to agree with based on the level of production and the sound. Cignature comes to us today with his take on Ember Island’s cover of “Where Are U Now,” snag the free download below!

Free Download: Ember Island – Where Are U Now (Cignature Remix)

Bass | Grabbitz Is Bouncin like Rabbitz with His Latest ‘Friends’ EP

Posted by on May 4, 2015


Get the fuck up. No seriously – turn up the sound and let the heavy waves of Grabbitz engulf you and spit you back out into a euphoric state of mastered electronic sound. Amidst rumours of a collaboration with Mau5trap head-honcho deadmau5, Nick Chiari shatters the musical playground with this riveting EP. It has energy, emotion, and melody; it’s got something for someone, somewhere, any time. Enjoy this musical milkshake.

Future House | Prince Fox – Wait Until Tomorrow

Posted by on April 7, 2015


Prince Fox paved a name for himself in the Future circles as an artist that has perfectly utilized splashy breaks and accelerated drops around slower BPM tones but today he’s released his first solo original and it is unlike anything he’s released in the past. He speeds things up with ‘Wait Until Tomorrow’, capturing the signature deep, hollowed vocal sound familiar with the genre and the rising tropical melody becoming associated with the sound. This track is refreshing – press play, I’m sure you’ll agree.