Pop | Alxxa Teams Up With Gazzo For “Umbrella” Cover

Posted by on September 18, 2017

We had a chance to meet Alxxa over the weekend in Los Angeles and she’s the real deal. Her brand new take on Rihanna & Jay-Z’s “Umbrella” has us instantly hooked. Of the Gazzo produced cover she said:

“’Umbrella’ is such a badass song, and Gazzo and I knew we could do something different with it. That’s always the test of a good song, whether it’s stripped down, produced out, thrown into different genres, does it still work? Rihanna definitely got it right with this one and we had a good time putting our own spin to it.”

Keep your eye on Alxxa. She’s on the rise.

Future Trap | Lana Del Rey – High By The Beach (Justin Caruso Remix)

Posted by on December 17, 2015

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Twenty year old Justin Caruso is undoubtedly talented in a variety of EDM genres. Posted above is his remix of Lana Del Rey’s “High by the Beach” which he released only a month after his “What Do You Mean” remix. Justin’s ability to listen to a song and remix it in a way that fits the song so perfectly seems to come naturally to him. If his music isn’t impressive enough, he also attends USC Thornton School of Music where he is taught material that he already knows and then asked to take a test on it. As Justin continues to develop his sound, keep an eye on him because he’s going to do big things. 

Electro, Trap | Daytrip – Flight 43 (NYC)

Posted by on April 9, 2014

Before deeming any new music as something special it needs to pass my three-stage exam. Make no mistake, this is not an easy feat as the song or artist must sound equally glorious through headphones, car speakers, and desktop speakers. This morning sealed the deal, and Daytrip has officially passed the test.

Their first official release is entitled “Flight 43”, and it seems quite fitting. The song builds for take-off, and cruises through an exciting ride –is there such thing as pleasant turbulence?– before finally slowing down to land, awaiting their next journey. Although it is the first song public on SoundCloud, it’s apparent the Daytrip duo is not new to making music. And, any look through their travel-log/tumblr will show you that this product has been a long time coming.

Daytrip’s sound is one that is difficult to pinpoint. While some may knock “Flight 43 (NYC)” for trying to do too much, I hear a song that is incredibly cohesive, despite its numerous experimental features. Listeners can hear a Jacuzzi/Mr. Carmack future-trap influence alongside a shredded guitar sample, all packaged in to an “ambitious powerhouse production” (Confusion, P&P).

In a day and age where music is becoming a “less is more” game, Daytrip is an exciting, unexpected and refreshing twist.


Dubstep | Zeds Dead – By Your Side

Posted by on June 6, 2013

Zeds Dead - By Your SideFree tracks from Zeds Dead are always a great thing, especially when you can tell they have been testing out a few new bass synths. In a way I was sad that they didn’t get Omar Linx to drop at least one dope verse halfway through this. They have worked together so many times I just feel like when I hear Zeds Dead’s new tunes, Omar Linx will be featured. He’s not, but that hasn’t kept me from taking this sick track for a test drive. This is just another great melodic dubstep track from the duo.

Zeds Dead

Free Download: Zeds Dead – By Your Side

Dubstep, Electro | Wideboys – Addicted to the Bass (Svyable & PRFFTT Remix)

Posted by on September 26, 2012

This remix is hot! Everyone seems to be blending Electro with Dubstep now, but in my honest opinion everyone is doing a terrible job at it. In addition, the Wideboys have some of the best tracks to remix, “Addicted to the Bass” being one of the best choices to test out this blend of genres. Svyable & PRFFTT shows us that there are still up and coming producers who know how to blend genres and come out with a quality track. This remix of theirs is full of energy, energy powered by bass in true style.

Svyable & PRFFTT


Alternative | Experimental Selections

Posted by on September 12, 2012

I dedicate this post to the very few tracks that stand the test of time during this unsatisfied, impatiently needy generation. I’ve come to appreciate my savvy talent for deviating passed oceans of terrible shit in pursuit of gems out in the distance. Its got me following artists that are just off wandering in the realms of experimental sound, clearly inspired by nothing – production at its finest. These tracks below aren’t meant for a club, or any type of gathering, it’s the kind of shit you just vibe to by yourself. No genre, just a sound.

Exclusive | Ess Vee – Victor Cruz (Video)

Posted by on April 23, 2012

“It’s Ess Vee don’t test me, I slap shots like Gretzky. -Ess Vee”

Just a matter of months ago, New Jersey’s very own, Ess Vee dropped “Victor Cruz” on the blog world to critical acclaim. he’s back with the highly anticipated visuals for the Jew Heff (yes, you read that right) produced track. Shot and directed by Da Bruthaz Productions, Ess Vee peppers the track with witty wordplay and a unique braggadocio juxtaposed against “trippy” visuals that would make even the most ardent of Juicy J fans proud. Continue to follow Ess Vee on his journey as his takes the blog world by storm under the tutelage of super manager ADD. If only every artist had Ess Vee’s positive outlook. Preach Ess Vee preach! Tabernacle sanctuary.