House | WhiteNoize & Nima G – Haters Get Mad

Posted by on February 11, 2014

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A wise Fat Jewish man once said, “I keep an umbrella with me at all times to shield me from the tears of my haters.” Keeping a hater umbrella handy is something San Francisco based Dj/production duo, WhiteNoize, should probably consider doing because these fellas go to work and where there is someone working hard , there is usually a hater lurking, ready to cry their big salty tears all over the place. This Tech-House tune with deep dance-floor tenancies  goes out to the haters for staying on their job. Haters would be better off popping a molly and giving someone a hug, then they are wasting their bodie’s hydration on hate-tears but then who would fuel the tanks of the achievers in the world? Either way, haters are going to have to figure out a way to stay hydrated cause bottled water isn’t getting any cheaper and you know they stay broke.

Chill | ID – Moves Like Ms Jackson

Posted by on February 9, 2014

With nothing more than an mp3 file and a cover art, this is how this track was submitted to me from an unknown email address. Too good to pass on, I uploaded it up on my personal SoundCloud to share with ya’ll. “Moves Like Ms Jackson” is a smooth tech house, deep house record incorporating samples from Outkast’s many classics over the years! If you have any idea who is behind this, hollar at me, I need to know! This is hands down a must listen!

**Update: this track is making its rounds on the blogosphere and made its way up on Hypem

Techno | Vecs – I Was EP

Posted by on December 20, 2013

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Tech house lovers, consider yourself served, NYC producer Vecs who recently signed to Waste of Time Records just released his two track EP with the titled track “I Was” and “It Goes.” DJing since the age of 9, Vecs sure does know how to get you to move with these 2 tracks,  and has even been getting the support of veteran DJs Roger Sanchez, Scumfrog, and Richie Santana, among others. If you like what you hear, also check out Mr. Vecs’ 2013 mix filled with techno and tech-house goodies to get you to Friday night which you can stream here. This is a must listen!

Beatport: Vecs – I Was EP


Alternative, Indie, Pop | NAIMAH – Wolf & I // Bittersweet Refrain

Posted by on November 25, 2013


I’m interrupting my regularly scheduled deep/tech house programming to deliver your ears some absolutely gorgeous indie-pop from one of D.C.’s newest and brightest songbirds. Back from #DTLA after four years at USC, 22 year-old Naimah brings a lyrical, dreamy touch to the two wonderfully assured productions below. The haunting “Wolf & I” — not an Oh Land cover, mind you — is simultaneously delicate and warm, thanks to stirring vocals and a languid yet evocative arrangement. “Bittersweet Refrain” features similarly tight vocal harmonies and heady instrumental builds, but the main highlight is really Naimah’s voice — which has a distinctly ethereal quality without sacrificing power. Par excellence. Naimah will soon be releasing her debut EP Reverie, so this is surely not the last you’ll be hearing from her — in fact, I think it’s safe to say that this is just the beginning.


Free Download: NAIMAH – Wolf & I

Free Download: NAIMAH – Bittersweet Refrain

Deep House | B-Ju – Ass Club (Worthy Remix)

Posted by on November 22, 2013


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Fresh off the release of his EP Flashin’, Worthy is a back with a booty bouncing remix of B-Ju’s “Ass Club.” In case you’re still getting familiar with tech-house, this is a sub-genre properly titled future booty house, aka a booty shaker that’s far beyond its years. In addition to the release, Worthy dropped a tech-house mix that you can enjoy here. Let this track be the starter to your night, soon enough it’ll be time to get those shot glasses out and get the pre-game started while you’re getting ready. Shake that ass! This is a must listen and a must download!

Beatport: B-Ju – “Ass Club” (Worthy Remix)

Bootleg | Kap Slap – 100K Bootleg Pack

Posted by on September 17, 2013

Kap Slap - 100k Bootleg Pack

8 new mashups from Kap Slap, yes please? As a thank you / celebration for hitting 100K fans on Facebook, Kap Slap has released his latest project, for free. Kap Slap has already established himself as one of the best when it comes to mashups; his creativity and ability to seamlessly blend tracks of opposite genres is unparalleled. Below is one of my favorites – Kap Slap takes a tech house banger, throws some T-Swift & a Stacy’s Mom sample over it to create an 80’s banger that deserves this decades attention.


Exclusive, Featured, Interviews | The Art of DJing, Beginnings, Living with Pasquale Rotella & more with Morten [FNT Exclusive]

Posted by on August 14, 2013

Danish DJ / Producer Morten Breum, now Morten, because “it is easier”, has been around music all of his life. His father, a music teacher back in Denmark, put Morten in an environment where music was king, and this led Morten to enter DJ classes at his school at 13. From there he was hooked, soon playing gigs at local bars and soon local clubs, elevating himself to becoming the icon he has become in Denmark, scoring commercial endorsements with Pespi and Red Bull (and even his face on Pepsi bottles) and playing at a royal wedding, what up Armin. He moved to LA two years ago, where he has become much more anonymous and enjoyed the LA life.

We caught up with him on the tail-end of a busy week of meetings with labels, media and other people in New York, that was to finish off with a show at Lavo NYC that Thursday night. Later that day he was going to get an additional tattoo (he has A LOT of them) with Vice filming the whole thing. Seems a bit weird to watch someone get punctured with needles and ink, but hey, to each their own. His production “Look Closer” was supposed to come out on the 6th of August on PRMD, but it was not releasing in Denmark on that date because of territory restrictions, so Morten decided to put it off until Denmark could be put in the original release, to stay true to his original fans, and so it is coming in 5 days. Click the jump to catch our interview where we talk about ditching university for DJing, playing hits, crazy people in Vegas, living in Pasquale Rotella’s house and more.