Alternative, Pop | Cchaz Cardigan Releases New Single/Video “We Look So Good”

Posted by on October 2, 2021

Nashville singer-songwriter Chaz Cardigan is back with new music! “We Look So Good” comes with a video and was put together during the Covid-19 lockdown. Chaz channeled the confusion and initial anger he had towards the way the U.S. treats its working class, immigrants and its sick into “We Look So Good”. With its powerful lyrics and anthemic chorus, the track compares patriotism to staying with a toxic partner because “you look so good on paper” when you’re really unhappy. The indie pop anthem is a breathe of fresh air from a topical stand point while also sounding great. Check it out above now!

Interviews | Shadow Child Shows Us How He Makes Hit Songs

Posted by on September 12, 2016

Shadow Child is practically a house hold name in dance music. His remix of “Hotter Than Hell” is a staple in mid 2010’s sounds that we’ve all come to love. The solo DJ/Producer has teamed up with Point Blank to give fans and producers an extremely detailed look as to how he formed the track “Dua Lipa – Hotter Then Hell (Shadow Child Remix)”. The British voice guiding you through the experience isn’t half-bad on it’s own. Why are their voices so good?

Anyway, go to to find more collaborations they’ve done with big artists, lessons, creative bits, and more. Point Blank has a large audience it feeds to, including 200K subscriber following on YouTube, 2016 has had Point Blank expanding on good things more so, keep your eyes peeled on what they will be doing next.

Tropical House | Sam Smith Crushes The Grammys and Goes Tropical

Posted by on February 12, 2015

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Sam Smith cleaned up this year at the Grammys…and it was well deserved. We were expecting at least a small shoutout to Disclosure after Sam Smith won his FOURTH Grammy of the night, but Sam Smith unfortunately didn’t show the electronic world any love. Regardless, LA producer Justin Caruso just delivered a tropical house remix that is so good, you would have thought it was Kygo. Let Justin Caruso take you back to summer with Sam Smith’s beautiful vocals and tropical infused beat.


Chill | Moodblanc – Something

Posted by on May 4, 2014

moodblanc - Something

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This post of Moodblanc’s latest release “Something” is way overdue, and I’d like to personally apologize to the Swedes. I’ve had this track on repeat since the minute they sent it to me, and I guess the music was so good, it made me forget to share it with all of you! Mixing 80’s pop with that popular nu-disco sound that has been making its rounds through out the internet, the guys manage to put together the perfect Summer record to take with you to the beach, or to sing to your lover channeling your inner Prince. You got that somethinggggggg, this is a must listen and a must download!

Free Download: Moodblanc – Something

Electronic | Zedd Feat. Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant – Find You (Moiez Remix)

Posted by on March 10, 2014


“Why would I need a girlfriend when I’ve got this small gap in my couch” is something I occasionally ponder and the answer is companionship. You can’t take a couch to the beach. A similar question of “Why would somebody remix a Zedd song when the original is so good” is also a thought I have whenever I listen to a Zedd remix. A large majority of the time they are inferior to the original, but that is not necessarily the case with Moiez’s remix of “Find You”. Moiez’s style has always primarily been progressive house, although he has strayed from that here. He says he wanted to challenge himself to become a more versatile artist and make something original. The result is a song that incorporates elements of multiple genres. He says this is one of his favorite remixes he has done and after taking a listen, you’ll understand why.

Free Download: Zedd Feat. Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant – Find You (Moiez Remix)

House | SxG – Fireball

Posted by on October 28, 2013



SxG the producer/DJ from Upenn sent this record “Fireball” over and I know a few DJs that are going to be happy. This undiscovered banger is sure to get a lot of college kids raging on the dance floor with a big build, and a hard drop announced by the tag line “B*tch, get off my dick.” This track is so good you’d think Hardwell’s camp sent this over, but nah, all DIY, produced in a dorm room. I’m with it! Get that free download, and must listen!

Free Download: SxG – Fireball

Exclusive, Featured, Interviews | Stereoshock Helps Me Get A Date, Explains The Tissues On His Desk & More

Posted by on September 29, 2013


April 19th, 2012, the day started just like any other. I had woken up a few minutes later than usual and after doing the math, figured that I would miss about five minutes of my first class. I then decided to skip the whole day and stay home. As per usual when I don’t go to class, I bump it up to twice a day. Two girls were texting me at the time so I was just super busy, the time that had been allocated for me to study and do the work that I was missing was pushed aside in order to make room to mow the lawn, like my dad had asked me to days prior. I didn’t mow the lawn and instead went to Best Buy to get some Beats by Dre Studio’s. I got them, in black for some reason, came home and bumped it up once again to three times a day. After my third Klondike bar of the day, making my bi-hourly visit to Soundcloud seemed like the next obvious choice.

It was then that I became acquainted with 20 year old, New York based producer Stereoshock, or as his mother calls him Josh Cohen. I was eating some leftover chilli at the time and accidentally spilled some on my shirt but it didn’t matter, because the song I was listening to was just so good. It wasn’t an original, but it sure sounded like it. At that point forward I was aware that an edit or mashup could be more than vocals thrown over an instrumental or simply interchanging two songs drops. Stereoshock has a level of sophistication in both his edits and originals that is not seen very often. Over time we’ve become friends, and he expressed interest in an interview, so I obliged. Be warned that this interview is extremely serious. We talk about only the most important topics that other artists refuse to.