Alternative, Chill, Electronic | Sapphire Adizes Unleashes First Original, “Birth”

Posted by on January 2, 2019

On the process and meaning behind ‘Birth’, Sapphire Adizes stated: “Somewhere in hours and hours of voice memos and video files, in stacks of scratched DVDs and VHSes piled in my brother’s closet, is the story of my life. Without any discussion or planning, my brother and I set about recording all twenty-four years of my life. He is eighteen years older than me, so he caught moments too early for me even to remember. He showed me a story of my youth that I wouldn’t otherwise have known: I am sliding down snow on my belly; I am playing accordion beside my father; I am minutes old, in my mother’s arms; I am seven, playing the piano; I am seventeen, playing the piano; my father is saying to me, “When I die, I will not die, I will always be with you, son, in your mind, just remember that,” and I am listening. The sound of my life is so much bigger than an orchestra. If I could use any sort of sound to make music, why would I limit myself to the sound of a diminished chord or a saxophone or a piano? Why not seek out the most powerful sound? What about the sound of my being born? Why write a song about my father welcoming me into the world when I can play a recording of my father welcoming me into the world? When I can score his voice like a scene in a documentary? When I can score the soundscape of my whole life using every sound available to me, why do anything else? I saw in the sum of those recordings a documentary about my life, and I scored it. I wrote songs to the scores, and then each song became like a scene from a movie, scenes I organized into a film that you hear. That film, or this album, is called The Wild Boar. This song, the first scene, is called “Birth”. Listen to the single above, & more info on the project can be found via Sapphire Adizes website, THEWILDBOAR.XYZ.

Chill, Electronic | Sapphire Adizes Remixes Donna Missal Single

Posted by on October 23, 2018

Sapphire Adizes is a multi-talented creative who not only produces his own music and lyrics, but can also play the saxophone (due to his upbringing in Jazz music). The musician works in his own self titled genre called “present music,” a term he coined to describe the dynamic production that lives at the intersection of institutionalized and non-institutionalized music. Adizes is releasing The Wild Boar, his debut album, in November 2018. His latest offering is this cinematic, high power remix of “Keep Lying” by Donna Missal. Filled with a slow build that gradual turns into something monumental, this one is well worth your attention. Listen to the Donna Missal remix above now! Keep a tab on Sapphire Adizes.