Trap | TheUnder and ERIEL INDIGO Link On Massive Release “Ready Or Not”

Posted by on November 26, 2019

TheUnder and ERIEL INDIGO join the best pieces of their styles, roaring forward with the single properly named “Ready or Not.”

With tremendous horns, dynamic synths, and vital top lines, these two show a forceful portrait of sound that takes audience members on an epic ride.

Literature influences, a rock-grit feel, and a unique blend of variety is one of many things that takes this tune to the next level.

TheUnder has been gaining fans, streams, and growth from a slew of sync successes, including landing the release “Fight” on the major motion picture Hobbs & Shaw.

With a original style and their own lane carved out, TheUnder are fast on the rise.

Abstract Hip-Hop, Chill, Electro, Electronic, Hip-Hop | HiFadility Calls An Iso With Lauryn Hill On His Edit Of “Ready or Not”

Posted by on June 26, 2015

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HiFadility dropped another exciting edit, an isolation of Lauryn Hill’s vocals from The Fugee’s “Ready or Not” track with a very luxurious hip-hop/world instrument electronic sound.  What really makes this track worth supporting is the thoughtfulness involved in the arrangement of quality sounds, and the attention used in choosing the vocal arrangement.  HiFadility is part of a movement that is bringing consciousness back into popular culture.

HiFadility, whose tagline is “peace, love and prosperity”, seems to ask for intention and awareness out of life that he also likes to deliver within his music, allowing him to create really intricate and interesting pieces. Before releasing this track, he asked himself the question of why he decides to make, release and engage in the music industry.  He replied with the idea of: “What does make creating music worth the while is the mystery.” Later that night, at the release of the Lauryn Hill track, he simply posted an infinity sign, “?”, indicating the infinite nature of our being and sound, the thrilling mystery of music, and how it magically touches our soul.

The ability to make chill bangers, songs that are laid back but still get you pumped up, is pretty unique, so make sure to check out this track, it’s just in time for the summer feels.  HiFadility will be releasing more videos and tracks in relation to this concept project, The Queens EP, over the duration of the summer, so be sure to follow HiFadility on his social media, soundcloud, tumblr, twitter, for more gems.


Abstract Hip-Hop | Old Greg – Ready or Not

Posted by on October 16, 2013

Not the most popular of all producer’s, and probably as underground as you can get, but I just love his shit too much to not show all you out here searching for some fresh new sounds to listen to. This is his latest riff ‘Ready or Not’ just posted today sampled from Delfonics, but if you go through his sounds, they’re just straight dirty. From ‘1, 2, 3 Kick it’, ‘Bass Pro Shop’, ‘Wub Love’ (my favorite), ‘Midwest is Young and Restless’, and a lot more quick tunes to satisfy your new music niche, Old Greg formally known as Grant Gregory is too talented with his abstract way of going about music to go unnoticed.