Mashups | Trademark is at it again

Posted by on May 13, 2015

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The mashup; one of the hardest concepts to pull off as a producer, however, the one guy that can undeniably do it is the renowned Trademark. Trademark has never let us down, and he does not plan to anytime soon. His latest “Where We Fit In” is pure gold mixing in the vocals of “Where Are Ü Now [Ember Island Cover]” and “Cool Kids” with the electrifying progressive house track “All the Way”. This a tune that can undoubtedly get a party started the right way. Best part about it… Download is FREE.99. Make sure you show the always dependable Trademark some love and nab this track and blast it loud throughout the summer months.

Free Download: Where We Fit In – Trademark

Future Trap | Wave Racer Are Back With A Hot Remix to ‘The Giver’

Posted by on May 4, 2015


Australia has become recognized for the genre-topping ‘Melbourne Bounce’ sounds, but Wave Racer is another breed of futuristic hopping taste-making. Their remix to Duke Dumont’s ‘The Giver’ is a pure testament of this producer’s caliber and again, he hasn’t let fans down. The original Charter topper looks like it’s coming back for another round here and I suggest you hop on this one ASAP.

Chill | Stereoshock shows us the true power of Cinematic-Electronic Music

Posted by on April 28, 2015

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In the past year or so, we have seen the rise of many new forms of electronic music. Today, we bring to you a new track by one of the pioneers of the Cinematic-Electronic music – Stereoshock. Stereoshock’s new track “Chasing Dusk” – like all of his work – takes us on an incredible journey, invoking thought and emotion, and surrounding us with pure melodic music. He put it perfectly when he said, “Throughout the record, you can truly feel all of the emotions that I felt during the writing process; from uplifting and powerful, to isolated and distant.” This is one of those tracks where you just let the music do the talking – so sit back, close your eyes, and get ready to begin the ride. Go check it out now and grab that free download!

Free Download: Stereoshock – Chasing Dusk


Deep House, Indie | Marcio Lama Delivers the Sweet Taste of ‘Melrose’

Posted by on April 10, 2015



Marcio Lama has made it a point to demonstrate his versatility as a producer. ‘Melrose’ is a pure rendition of this statement. It’s blissful symphonic collection of bells, wavey synths and the seductive voice of Binks delivers a work of art. This insinuates an atmosphere of positive vibes and summer sunshine. The Dominican Republican native side-steps away from his comfort zone but to no one’s disappointment. This will feed anyone’s addiction for something fresh.


Posted by on April 10, 2015

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Diplo’s record label Mad Decent is about to make waves again with the recent release of their new ep “Control“. Featuring the up and coming 21 year old Miami based producer Ricky Remedy, the first track is sure to catch your attention and leave you wanting more. Ricky starts off with “Make Me”, a powerful trap banger boasting “ugh” as almost the only lyric. Don’t worry though, the lack of lyrics is made up for by the pure energy Ricky brings to the table. Once you start listening it’s hard not to get sucked in and soon you’ll be replaying this one. Check it out through the free download below and show Ricky Remedy some support over on his Soundcloud page.

Free Download: Make Me

Melodic Progressive | Blugazer Gloves Dan Sieg’s ‘Horizons’ Into His Own

Posted by on January 13, 2015

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When I covered Dan Sieg’s A Sense Of Wonder I never thought I would one day be posting up a track I can easily refer to as one that qualifies parallel emotion. Blugazer’s remix to this beautiful track is pure magic. Adding his own simple touches Blugazer transforms “Horizons” into a translucent love piece, with perfect transitions and added chimes and chords that just carry me away. With such sensation backing this remix, I can’t seem to take it off repeat.

Melodic Progressive | Victoria Shersick Delivers ‘Voices’

Posted by on December 30, 2014


New York’s Victoria Shersick has consistently improved her production quality with every tune and this track is a pure testament of her capabilities. At first play the fades and cuts in the back ground consumed me, stealing my breath. This track is the perfect balance between high energy and chill vibes. ‘Voices’ has been added to my post-rave/late-night drive playlist and no doubt it’ll make the cut on your end too. Grab this free download, and spread the noise.