Dubstep, Glitch, Preview | Pegboard Nerds ft Splitbreed – We Are One

Posted by on January 13, 2013

I am going out on limb here, 2013 is going to be a great year for the Pegboard Nerds. They have been releasing nothing but straight fire and I believe their streak will continue. Though sadly short, this preview still reflects the pro level they are producing at. No word yet on the tracks release, but it will be awesome.


Drum & Bass, Dubstep | Pegboard Nerds – 20K

Posted by on December 6, 2012

God, I love lasers. Whether it’s a sick laser light show or lasered bass shooting through my ears. Pegboard Nerds have well over 20k likes on Facebook now, and with tracks like this it is no surprise at all. This insane track will shoot your face off. Can you dig it?


Dubstep | R Rated #56

Posted by on November 21, 2012

Kicking off this weeks Thanksgiving edition of R Rated, it is only right to have an excess of tunes to add some filth to your holidays.  First up we have this free tune from Pegboard Nerds, who have been tearing the scene apart lately. This track was given away as a gift for their 20k followers. These guys have yet to release a tune less than amazing so grab this free download HERE.

Next up are two previews from an artist who has been making a name for himself and is a part of the Firepower Crew. It is none other than AFK, who previewed two new heavy originals by himself, but no release dates yet. Both of these tracks are monstrous and have me excited to see what he is going to release next.

DeadExit is a new group with three members, and one of them being none other heavy hitter Crissy Criss. They released a mix about a week ago showcasing some of their new material, but yesterday they released their first free track. When Crissy Criss is involved in creating a track you know that it is going to pack a punch and have some crazy sounds. Grab the free download and keep an eye  out for a EP release soon.

It has been a while since we heard any new material from Zanetic. It seems as though he has been locked in the studio creating and mixing down his latest EP which is set to release on Dec. 3rd. He was kind enough to give us this free DL from the EP that is a crazy glich hop tune. You can download the track HERE.

Vital Techniques & Mikey B just unleashed this outstanding Drumstep VIP of one of their tracks. It is everything you want and more in a VIP. This is a must have for everyone.


Dubstep | R Rated #54

Posted by on November 8, 2012

With Krewella’s Play Hard Remix EP in the making, we are seeing some glimpses of their remixes surfacing rapidly. This week we got two free remixes of Krewella’s tracks, one from Culture Code and the other from The Pegboard Nerds. Both artist take a different take on their given tracks; With Culture code providing us with one of their melodic, trancey styled tracks they have been tearing the stages with. On the other hand we have Pegboard Nerds delivering another stellar heavy tune with some funky synths and aggressive growls.

Although we already posted Dirtyphonics latest single along with the remixes entitled “DIRTY”, we couldn’t keep out this new freebie given away that wasn’t on the EP. Synchronice nailed this remix giving it even more heavy bass and crazier synths than the original. This one definitely takes the top spot for my favorite remix of this track. You can grab the download HERE or below.

Although these next two tracks aren’t exactly “filthy” tracks, they earned their spots on R Rated. Minnesota has created some heavy tracks in his day, but lately he has been leaning more towards creating appealing melodic tracks and they definitely seem to be working. This Adventure Club remix sets the mood for a nice autumn afternoon.

Continuing on with the melodic tracks, this next one is by the Inspected ‘Dream Team’. Yes the record label Inspected was able to round up some of the biggest names under their label to create this next masterpiece in celebration of Movember. Gemini, Asa, Culprate, and KOAN Sounds collaborated on this next piece to create a unique melodic track.

To cap off R Rated, our very own Mach threw together this heavy mix. Don’t take this caution lightly, but if you can’t handle a hour and fifteen minutes of filth then this mix isn’t for you. Download the mix HERE. Read on below for the track list.