Hip-Hop, Rap | GoldLink – Creep

Posted by on October 24, 2013


It’s been a minute (or three) since we’ve last seen GoldLink. The VA resident tore the internet down with his Kaytranada remix of “On&On”, but has since been quiet, plotting his next move. It appears that the next move has been made, and in the wake of the new TLC album and movie, GoldLink has unleashed a smashing remix of hit song, “Creep”.

This young emcee has a knack for calling out those who wronged or challenged him, and it seems that “Creep” is a reconciliation of just about every mishap relationship he’s had over the past few years.

The soulful melody, and old-school vibe is a bit of a different style for GoldLink, but he manages to hold his own and pay the necessary respect within the song. Enjoy and download for free below, and be sure to follow GoldLink on twitter to keep up.

Hip-Hop | Just Juice – It’s Like That

Posted by on July 26, 2013

It seems like the new sound is the old sound. People are fiend-ing for that old-school hip-hop, and Juice is the dealer. His newest release “It’s Like That” is fully equip with vinyl scratches, 90’s drum kit, and of course a seamless delivery. Juice has been busy this summer before heading back off to school in the fall, so hopefully we’ll be getting some new music very soon!

Be on the look out for Juice to team back up with his brother and long-time rapping partner, Mojo, in the near future as well. Enjoy, and scoop up the free download. It’s like that y’all.

Progressive House | Ryan Riback & Terri B – Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow (Marcus Santoro Remix)

Posted by on July 5, 2013


In his admittedly short catalogue of releases so far, Marcus Santoro has already shown that he is a versatile producer capable of creating excellent tracks in a different variety of styles. His latest remix demonstrates this diversity perfectly with the first half being more old school progressive, having a vibe very similar to pre SHM Axwell, and then transitioning to the euphoric, festival sound that he does so well for the second drop. The mainstream sound is definitely there, but he manages to avoid falling into the trap of generic house with tracks like this. How he has not blown up outside of Australia is a mystery to me.

iTunes: Ryan Riback & Terri B – Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow (Marcus Santoro Remix)


Dubstep | Nostalgia – The Hero VIP

Posted by on May 1, 2013


Nostalgia might not be one of the most well known artist, but man does he know how to write some sick tunes. ‘The Hero’ was the first tune I heard from him, taking the Zelda theme and giving it his own heavy spin. Now releasing the VIP, he showcases just how much his production has grown as an artist. Listening to the original, then this VIP we clearly get to see the progress dubstep has made. In the original he showcases that old school one wobble/Nero sort of drop, but in this VIP he goes all out with a new crazy synth and melody. The kick and snare in this VIP have a much more punchy transient as well compared to the original, which helps add a more thunderous impact.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Nostalgia – The Hero VIP


Electronic | Bass Physics – Old School Melody

Posted by on April 20, 2013


Start your 4/20 off right with a nice little surprise track from Bass Physics. Freshly grown in Colorado, Bass Physics knows what’s up today and dropped FNT this exclusive 4/20 pre-release track. Puff, puff, pass and get stuck to the couch jammin to this old school melody.


Hip-Hop, Rap, Videos | Salomon Faye & Enasni Leber – Fool’s Gold

Posted by on April 1, 2013

When I received a musical submission from my necklace making brother, Charlie Hudson, I was a bit skeptical. The guy does make some nice necklaces, but what does he know about music? Well, apparently he knows a lot. A week after receiving his initial email, I’ve finally gotten around to listening to it. From the first 5 seconds, I knew I’d love it. I’m addicted to old school samples, and that’s what originally drew me in. But what made me hit the replay button four (4!) times were the verses from Salomon Faye and Ensani Leber. I had never heard of THEillUZiON movement up until last week, but it’s something I will be quickly educating myself on. Check out Salomon on twitter here, and Ensani here.

House | Solidisco – Never Let You Go

Posted by on March 26, 2013


Solidisco just released a brand new single entitled “Never Let You Go” on Fool’s Gold Records to relaunch their Clubhouse series. The track has been heard in A-Trak’s DJ sets around the world and is a must have for DJs and listeners alike. It is full of the old school funk with big room bump that you’ve come to know from Solidisco.