Dubstep, Trance | Butch Clancy ft. Amy K – Far Away From Me

Posted by on May 30, 2013


After an extended vacation to communism, I return with the dopest new addition to your music library. You’re welcome. Look at that half naked girl! Listen to this free song, which is better than anything released in the last 5 months. Convenient.

Free Download: Butch Clancy ft. Amy K – Far Away From Me

Trance | DJ Redwire – Protosphere

Posted by on April 22, 2013

DJ Redwire - ProtosphereInstrumental Trance is incredible in my opinion. Vocals are always nice to have and I do enjoy them, but just having instrumentals leaves so much for your imagination to interpret. Especially on a Progressive Trance track such as this. DJ Redwire has created a few gems that now reside in my music library, this is just another beauty to add to the bunch. Enjoy.


Free Download: DJ Redwire – Protosphere

Dubstep, Mashups | DOSVEC – Beast Break (B.O.B. vs Zeds Dead)

Posted by on October 23, 2011

This track is FILTHY! Dubstep fans just skip right to the play button. The rest of you who aren’t into the average Zeds Dead track dont be intimidated, B.o.B lightens things up a bit. Moreover, this isn’t a hard whomping Zed track, it’s packed with some ill vocals that go perfectly with the verses. This isn’t your average cup of tea, so go ahead and separate your music library from the rest by taking a sip of this…

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DOWNLOAD: DOSVEC – Beast Break (B.O.B. vs Zeds Dead)
B.O.B. vs Zeds Dead (DOSVEC Mashup) “Beast Break” by DjWhatt


Electro, Hip-Hop | Flo-Rida – Good Feeling (Shout)… Remix to Avicii’s “Levels”

Posted by on June 23, 2011

This is outrageous. The fact that Flo-Rida aka the king of kings when it comes to club bangers threw a verse down on Levels is borderline monumental for Avicii. Unfortunately this could be bad news for some of us who’d hate to see the young producer cave for the mainstream pop artists. With that said, I don’t think he’ll be letting anyone interfere with the integrity of his sound anytime soon. While this version leaves a bit to be desired it’s still a worthwhile listen and perhaps even a worthwhile addition to your music library if you’re looking for a spiced up version of the original. I’ll be patiently waiting for the official release before passing any more judgement.

Flo Rida – Good Feeling

Hip-Hop, Reggae | McWorm – “Be Free” and “The Intro” | Chill Rap

Posted by on February 10, 2011

Here’s an interesting story covered by CBS News in DC about the rapper featured in this post who balances his hip hop career with a passion for politics. It even touches upon the new nature of the music industry, a topic that our FNTers know all too well. Check the video if you have some free time. Otherwise skip right ahead to the soulful and chill rap tracks below. I’m really digging Cisco’s vibe, it’s a welcomed change of pace in my music library. Definitely give these an ear. I can’t decide which one I like more, so sound off in the comments section or chatbox. Stay tuned to Skillful Methods to catch the EP release in March.

DOWNLOAD: McWorm – Be Free— Reggae Hop track

DOWNLOAD: McWorm – The Intro. (The XX McWorm Remix)

Uncategorized | Mashups

Posted by on June 26, 2010

I’ve been a worthless blogger recently and needless to say its time I started unravelling my music library. Below are three brand spakin new mashes that put a unique twist on some ill tracks.

MUST DOWNLOAD: Eminem Feat. Creed – Sing For The Moment (Urban Noize Remix)

Download: KiD Cudi – Cudderisback (DJ Philistine Edit)

Download: Curren$y – Where Da Cash At (DJ Philistine Remix)