Chill | Suniel Fox Drops Phenomenal Remix EP for “Everwide” Featuring David Starfire, NICO LUMINOUS, Oscure, & More

Posted by on February 28, 2020

The original EP Everwide was very much known for embodying themes of rebirth and personal evolution. The success of the EP has inspired a slew of remixes, which Suniel Fox has collected and released in what he calls Everwide (The Remixes).

David Starfire, NICO LUMINOUS, Oscure, Henry Strange, Frank Royal, PNDA, and Bartek all put their take on the enchanting Suniel Fox releases. The re-imagining from so many young talents makes the remix EP more than a keeper.

“To me music is an expression of the collective human experience and it’s essential that the music I create be a part of that collective consciousness. My remix EP was an exercise in vulnerably sharing my personal experience and inviting my friends be a part of that process.”

– Suniel Fox

Electronic | Slander Drops Massive Jack U Remix

Posted by on August 5, 2016

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Coming off recent big ticket performances at EDC Las Vegas and Tomorrowland, Slander is on fire pulling out all the stops for their remix of the Jack U powerhouse track, ‘Mind.’ Bringing in guitarist Josh J. to capture the powerful sound only a real guitar encompasses, Slander truly thought out of the box with this track. The duo incorporates unique and emotionally charged elements to create an entirely different vibe with this remix. Each musical element leading up to the drop, from the piano to the strings, is masterfully produced and arranged creating an emotive but commanding euphoria to the track. If all these elements already weren’t enough to make this track great, the drop takes care of any leftover doubt.

“When we were asked to remix this track it was a dream come true.. we have looked up to these guys for a long time.. so getting to work on a project with parts they created was incredible..

We tried to create a whole new vibe with this one!
Hope you guys like it!”
– Slander