Hip-Hop | Maxxx Flair Showcases His Growth on “Kiln Shelves”

Posted by on March 31, 2015

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Hip-hop—more so than any other art form—seems to cause tremendous apprehension about aesthetic. It stems from the 90s gangsta rap binge, and the repeatedly glorified imagery displayed by prominent rappers. New York City rapper Maxxx Flair has struggled to find the proper balance over the course of his past four projects, but now on “Kiln Shelves” seems to have finally found his most authentic, genuine sound yet.

While the EP spans just fifteen minutes, it’s a remarkably intimate and revealing listen. The production, too, is decidedly more fluid, with the full project handled by the talented duo The Hittas. Maxxx has ditched the caricatures and employs his storytelling ability solely to tell his own; “70 West” vividly details his Upper Manhattan upbringing, and “Six Degrees” creatively describes the feeling of being just one connection away from someone who could give you your big break.

Check out the EP in full below.

Hip-Hop, Mixtapes | Maxxx Flair — S.E.I.S. [Chapter 1]

Posted by on February 23, 2014


I’m all for self-expression, but the extent to which under-and-post-grads have begun chasing down full-time careers in hip-hop is concerning. It seems to signify the misconception that attaining a lucrative presence in the genre comes with ease; you don’t need to know music theory, don’t need to be able to play an instrument, and don’t really even need a good singing voice, though it certainly helps your versatility and is more appealing in this post-So Far Gone era of hip-hop. Thus, for those who like to write and like the idea of stardom and like the idea of feeding their egos, hip-hop seems like a relatively simple and satisfying career aspiration. It helps, too, that this is 2014 and gangsta rap is no longer the forefront of the genre. We’ve reached a time when there is no defined rapper aesthetic, when Sammy Adams is as equally recognizable as an emcee as Bun B. This is all to say that every day bloggers around the country have their inboxes stocked with thoroughly uninspired rap. Rap that at least attempts to replicate the sounds and flows of what already exists on the radio, as if recycling Big Sean’s flow from “All Me” guarantees radio placement.

This is why it’s so exciting to receive a record like S.E.I.S. It’s surprisingly easy when you listen to an album to tell if the artist enjoyed making it, and whether its sound is genuine and authentic. When that is the case, it’s that much more fun to digest, and it doesn’t make you question the artist’s goals. If the passion is there, they’re not only more likely to do the work necessary to become a success to the extent of a Macklemore or Logic or Hoodie Allen — which is really hard — but also that probably doesn’t even matter to them. It’s art, it’s their passion, and the unlikelihood of acceptance shouldn’t hold them back — the same way that the low acceptance rate at top law schools doesn’t keep hopefuls from applying in bulk. Maxxx Flair, an NYC native, was first featured on FNT in 2012 with “Forever Dope”, and while he was already a budding emcee at the time, his progression as a lyricist and technical rapper is immediately made clear from the first few bars of the intro. Fueled by a solid selection of lively, hard-hitting beats, Maxxx shines over this set of seven tracks, showcasing his finesse with cadence, wide range of flows, and strong attention-to-detail as a writer. Accompanying the mixtape is the video for the first single, “F@#K !t”, produced by 52 Kings, which you can find below. If you take a chance on one new rapper this week, let it be him.


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Hip-Hop | Maxxx Flair — Wake Up [EP]

Posted by on May 19, 2013

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After premiering two impressive leaks from this lyrically-gifted Yonkers emcee, his new EP Wake Up is here in full. While his past releases have highlighted his rapidly-growing skill as a writer and technical rapper, Wake Up is by far his most consistent record to date, and with a decidedly more reflective sound, Maxxx’s personality begins to shine on the record as we hear more of his story. In conjunction with the EP release, we also have the music video to his lead single, “Feels Right”, featuring Sunny Jones, who also produced the majority of the record. Enjoy the tape, and keep up with Maxxx Flair as I know he has some great work ahead of him.



Hip-Hop | Maxxx Flair — New York City Raised Me

Posted by on March 4, 2013


It’s no surprise that the majority of present-day emcees have begun veering towards the strategy of “quantity” as a means of getting noticed. They release new projects at an expeditious rate, more concerned with their name remaining in the headlines then they are with producing work of the highest quality. Rarely do I find an artist who is able to effectively bridge this as well as Yonkers-based emcee Maxxx Flair. Though he creates at a brisk pace, the sound is never compromised. Cue his new project, Wake Up, due this spring, and a new single that he’s sent our way, entitled “New York City Raised Me.” Back with frequent collaborator Snake-Eyes, a Brooklyn-based producer and engineer, we can expect the same level of prowess and lyrical ability on this new tape as we’ve become accustomed to from Maxxx, as is well evidenced by this old-school-style record. Check it out and get ready for Wake Up.

Hip-Hop | Maxxx Flair – Feels Right [Premiere]

Posted by on January 14, 2013

A few months ago we first introduced you to Maxxx Flair, a deft new lyricist from New York whose stock has risen dramatically behind a recent pair of earnest, eloquent releases. Tonight he’s back with the first single from his new EP, Wake Up, featuring Sunny Jones of the production duo 2 Thumbs Up, who provided the captivating instrumental. Maxxx’s latest work has been decidedly more candid and complex, and thus we can only expect to continue hearing impactful, creative music from this exciting new emcee. Check the track below and connect with him on Facebook here.

Free Download: Maxxx Flair – Feels Right

Hip-Hop | Maxxx Flair — Forever Dope (Feat. Vaughn J)

Posted by on November 21, 2012

One of the most rewarding facets of being exposed to such a legion of aspiring artists, I find, is the opportunity to watch them develop their sound. While some fail to progress, the artists that are committed to their music are critical of their work, and it’s intriguing to hear them improve and refocus with every release. The process of identifying young talent—whether you are a record label exec or Billy Beane is one in the same—you are scoping for potential. Maxxx Flair is one of those artists who seems to get better with every song — he has always had the talent, but now is putting all the pieces together; he is solidifying his craft and sound. “Forever Dope” is the product of a dexterous and astute emcee, combining his sharp flow and delivery with something I’m always searching for more of in hip-hop: message. Over a melodious and triumphant beat from TROP, Maxxx puts his storytelling ability on display, accompanied by a catchy Vaughn J hook, which highlights his desire to reach a broad range of listeners. Check out the track below, and connect with him on Facebook to make sure you witness his progression firsthand.

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