Maxxx Flair — Forever Dope (Feat. Vaughn J)

Posted by on November 21, 2012

One of the most rewarding facets of being exposed to such a legion of aspiring artists, I find, is the opportunity to watch them develop their sound. While some fail to progress, the artists that are committed to their music are critical of their work, and it’s intriguing to hear them improve and refocus with every release. The process of identifying young talent—whether you are a record label exec or Billy Beane is one in the same—you are scoping for potential. Maxxx Flair is one of those artists who seems to get better with every song — he has always had the talent, but now is putting all the pieces together; he is solidifying his craft and sound. “Forever Dope” is the product of a dexterous and astute emcee, combining his sharp flow and delivery with something I’m always searching for more of in hip-hop: message. Over a melodious and triumphant beat from TROP, Maxxx puts his storytelling ability on display, accompanied by a catchy Vaughn J hook, which highlights his desire to reach a broad range of listeners. Check out the track below, and connect with him on Facebook to make sure you witness his progression firsthand.

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