Chill | Blackedout – Vessel

Posted by on February 3, 2014

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Brooklyn producer Blackedout releases “Vessel” the second single off his forthcoming sophomore EP. “Vessel” is a memorizing track  which includes a progressive buildup, layered with chopped high pitched vocals that will transport your soul and bring out bitter-sweet emotions, like that old school Mariah Carey, except this is house music. “Vessel” is a dream and an experience, the more I listen to it the more I can’t help but feel touched by it’s warmth and beauty. It’s Monday and everything’s going to be okay, this is hands down a must listen!

Chill, Trap | Kasbo – The Wind-Up Bird

Posted by on January 28, 2014

Kasbo is calling this genre “lovetrap” and I like that description of the track. “The Wind-Up Bird” is an original track by Kasbo, filled with bass and an upbeat drop drizzled in trap beats and sound effects. Yearning vocals are spliced in throughout the track and contrast surprisingly nicely with the upbeat piano and drops. Grab this one for free on Facebook, and look out for more from Kasbo!

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Free Download: Kasbo – The Wind-Up Bird

RnB | The Weeknd – Devil May Cry

Posted by on November 13, 2013

Ooooh Abel why you have to do em like that? No matter what you do, it just sounds so sensual and beautiful. Also, joining forces with the Hunger Games for their soundtrack and linking up with Rick Rubin for the production of this track, brilliant. This man can do no wrong. As usual, another phenomenal track by The Weeknd that you should definitely check out. Make sure to peep the rest of the new Hunger Games soundtrack as well, it usually doesn’t lack either.


Exclusive, Featured, Interviews | Seven Lions On Taking Time Off From Touring, Upcoming Productions And More

Posted by on November 6, 2013

Seven Lions

There aren’t many guys who have created trends and styles in dance music today. Seven Lions’ patented brand of melodic dubstep has quickly become one of the go-to styles for a throng of copycats and established producers alike. After transitioning from metal to electronic music, Jeff Montalvo made his presence felt in a huge way with his Beatport competition winning remix of Above & Beyond’s “You Got To Go”, that would launch his career and open doors that were not even on possible for him to reach before.

We caught up with Seven Lions on his tour bus before he was slated to go on at Pier 94 on Halloween with Krewella, Gareth Emery, Candyland and Cash Cash. We chatted about his upcoming plans, including taking time off from touring next year, touring in general, releases he has coming up, music piracy and much more.


Electronic, Videos | Kaytranada – At All (Video)

Posted by on October 2, 2013

I don’t know if y’all are onto this yet but Kaytranada is basically one of the coolest producers out there right now. I mean, over pretty much any big artists in the game, I’d wanna kick it with him. Not only does he come off trill af, but this guy is in a whole other playing field, struttin’ to the beat of his own 808. And his music video for “At All” that just dropped today is the perfect example. I don’t wanna spoil it for you but really, who can make hanging out with female body builders look like the sweetest thing in the world? Not many.

But we’re here for the music anyways, right? In an interview with Noisey, Kaytranada broke down his creative process for this track in particular:

“I was in Paris when I did that song and I just wanted to make a track because I had producer’s block when I was on tour and I couldn’t do any music. I had this long break when I was in Paris though so I decided to take this Chaka Khan song. It’s one of my favourites called “I Love You, I Live You” and I just did random stuff. I usually play with the pitch of the sample but this time I just messed with it. I thought I’d bring something new to the table because not a lot of producers play with their style like that. The drums are like what I usually do with other songs.”

You can purchase his much-anticipated EP via HW&W Recordings on October 16th, and catch him live on tour with Groundislava and Jerome LOL. Check here for dates. In the meantime you can get back to your workout, and don’t forget: friends don’t let friends skip leg day.


Electronic | gLAdiator – VIP EP

Posted by on August 14, 2013

In honor of hitting the 50k mark on Facebook, LA DJ duo gLAdiator released their VIP EP, a 3-track selection of some of their most popular tracks, tracks that you’ve probably heard at every music festival and block party this summer. Although it’s brief, each song varies enough to keep you on your toes for the release of their actual, official EP. The M1 Stinger track is dope though, probably my favorite out of the three. Download the EP and bump it today in honor of Mila Kunis’s birthday,who happens to be gLAdiator’s “muse and guiding light.”  With a muse like that, how could you possibly go wrong.

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Electronic, House, Techno | Balance Presents Guy J

Posted by on August 5, 2013


“Oh. Wow.”

That was my reaction after getting about four minutes into Guy J’s mix for the second volume of Balance Music’s Balance Presents series — and I’m happy to say that the mind blowing factor only increases as the mix progresses. The best sets take you on a journey, and here the Israeli producer (and John Digweed protege) accomplishes just that. Will this get you seriously in the zone on the dance floor? Yes. Will it also provide the perfect counterpoint to a tedious Excel-based work project during the 9-to-5 hours? Absolutely. Guy J’s lush, melancholic style just works like that. In fact, in terms of vibe alone, this mix kind of reminds me of late 90’s Paul Oakenfold (albeit with a bit of a bpm differential) — because for 80 otherworldy minutes, it manages to hit every stirring and atmospheric note in the book. To shamelessly borrow from SNL’s Stefon, this mix has everything: deep builds, sitars, eerie vocals, psychedelic soundscapes, and melodies that will haunt your dreams. Cruise over to Beatport for the full package and check out the entire tracklist after the jump.

Beatport: Balance Presents Guy J