Albums | DLG. drops multi-genre ‘CHARACTERS’ EP

Posted by on April 7, 2024

Austin, Texas born but LA-based artist DLG. has been stirring up excitement with his latest EP, ‘CHARACTERS’. As a follow-up to his previous successes, DLG. dives deeper into his experiences since relocating to LA, capturing the essence of the city through a hazy, cross-genre exploration. The EP is a testament to his growth and artistic evolution, showcasing his confidence and vibrancy. DLG.’s influences, ranging from Jungle to Mac Miller, are evident throughout ‘CHARACTERS’, infusing each song with a psychedelic jazz flair. The EP takes listeners on a genre-bending adventure, seamlessly blending elements of pop, jazz, and electronic music into a mesmerizing tapestry of sound. Check out the stand out project above now!

Hip-Hop, RnB | INDICA Launches Pre-Order of New EP With ‘INTOXICATED’

Posted by on February 1, 2019

LA based artist INDICA has been riding a wave for the last several years, releasing a number of well received singles, albums and collaborations.  Bringing his signature laid back California vibe, INDICA blurs the lines and crosses over genres with everything he touches.

His new project, “RETROMODERN“, created in collaboration with LA producer Andrew Luce is shaping up to be one of his most exciting releases to date.  On the lead single, “INTOXICATED“, a bubbly, retro-inspired groove takes hold while INDICA sways from beginning to end.  Smooth melodies couple with banging production to create a vintage yet new wave feel that is sure to appeal to the masses.

Check out the single and pre-order the EP today to get this track instantly.

House | LA’s 13th Zodiac Return With Sax House Banger Titled “Solo”

Posted by on July 26, 2017

13th Zodiac. They’re a duo that popped up last month on our radar thanks to ItsNoRequests. Their first show was a slam packed show. Their first single “Booty Sweat” (Don’t lie. We all get it) was a dark brooding banger. Their new track “Solo” is even better than their first. The single dropped this week and we can’t get enough of this sax heavy ripper. 13th Zodiac is quickly on the rise and we don’t see them stopping anytime soon. Be sure you throw the dynamic duo a heart on Hypem so that climb that chart.

Did I mention this is a free download? Get on it.


Chill, Electronic | LA-based vocalist MOONZz returns with “Navigator”

Posted by on March 29, 2017

You might have seen or heard MOONZz name last year, as she landed herself in a pretty big sync placement with Victoria Secret and her debut single “Satisfy”. The LA-based vocalist returns today with her first single of 2017 and it’s just as worthy as the past releases. “Navigator is about jumping head and heart first into the journey of love– not knowing where it’ll take you, but trusting that if it’s real, it doesn’t matter where you end up as long as you end up there together” shares MOONNZz. We like the sound of that and think you will as well, give it a listen below!

Electronic | Get Hyped on Autumn In June

Posted by on December 15, 2016

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Looking for a little story to go along with your music? Good because our boy, Autumn In June has quite the backstory. Born and raised in South Central LA, Autumn built his own DIY studio in his dad’s backyard using some 2×4’s and a little elbow grease. Having grown up in the heart of LA, AJ was brought up on a plethora of different styles of music and artists. In his most recent release, the wunderkind expertly layers golden piano chords and new wave strings with heavenly vocals and an upbeat 90s electro-funk beat. This kid is blowing up all over the place friends, don’t miss the hype train because it’s already halfway out of the station.

Deep House | Ravell’s “Get Away” Drops On The Prestigious Arkade Records

Posted by on October 31, 2016

Ravell is making big moves in the house scene, per usual, now landing on Kaskade’s (who has over 1m followers on SoundCloud alone) own label Arkade Records.

Ravell’s new single “Get Away” taps into the trippy elements that deep house provides as well as the gritty elements tech house can offer, conveying a powerful feeling throughout that would get any room properly warmed up. Seem to be his overall signature sound as your listen through his discography.

Ravell is LA based, a solo producer, and has been perusing music since the age 12. The dude has serious talent and isn’t slowing any time soon.

Electronic | DEMUR Strikes Again With Controversy, Releases New Song

Posted by on July 21, 2016

DEMUR is climbing the ranks in American dance music. Based out of LA, the propaganda-themed artist who isn’t particularly open about his identity, has shared a handful of graphic art pieces, as well as songs, that clearly call out elements that occur in the industry that he isn’t pleased with.