Hip-Hop | Get Familiar With Jay Fresh’s “The Stay Gold Era” EP

Posted by on April 5, 2016

You may or may not have already heard of this guy, he has already had features with big name producers Griz, Gramatik, & Paper Diamond just to name a few. Jay Fresh is back at it again to debut his second solo project with all original production from the Ep’s executive producer Nine Duece out of Long Beach California. Style and grace can only describe the Ep’s sound with true lyricism and a 90’s hip-hop approach to the production.The project also has Features from a Dallas based singer Jay Sabin, and has feature production from Jus Stone along with TDE’s Blue The Misfit. This project is definitely a heater all the way through watch out for Jay Fresh and more upcoming releases to follow.

Exclusive | Jay Fresh – The Calm Before The Storm

Posted by on July 11, 2014


Dallas’s Jay Fresh has been quiet as of late, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been working. Today, Jay releases his highly anticipated “Calm Before The Storm”, a six track long EP that’s hip-hop goodness. Produced by Storm Watkins, “The Calm Before The Storm” paints a sonic landscape that’s full of sexy vibes coupled with eloquent wordplay. It’s the kind of project that makes you want to drive down the coast on the PCH with your windows down. If this is the calm before the storm, I can’t wait to see what cumulonimbus clouds Jay Fresh rides in on next. Jay Fresh. The Calm Before The Storm. Stay Gold.


Albums, Dubstep, Electronic, Glitch, Review | Haywyre – Infinite

Posted by on June 25, 2012

After our featured post of Haywyre a few months back, the man was more than grateful and in the opinions of FNT, more than deserving. Today is the release of Haywyre’s 6th musical compilation, the album titled ‘Infinite.’ I cannot stop listening to this new album, Haywyre’s history of piano composition is reflected immensely all over the course of his work. Last minute he teamed up with Jay Fresh to do a vocal mix of his highly anticipated instrumental, ‘Raw Crunch.’ The track was already wanted by all, but now with that extra step into Hip-Hop it is simply irresistible.

“The idea behind the album name “Infinite” came from our tendency to label existences with specific beginnings and ends. The circle represents the possibility of a never-ending existence, as opposed to one with a beginning and an end.”

– Haywyre

Infinite is comprised of many different styles, more prominently Dubstep, but also consisting of Glitch-Hop and little Electro/Lounge styling. His first track ‘Prototype’ kicks off with some smooth Glitch-Hop, as funny as it is to say. The track then breaks into his mastery of the Piano leading only into an incredible Glitch drop. Exclusive to Beatport is his second track, and by far one of the more incredible of the album, ‘LD004.’ This Orchestral Dubstep track really puts the top 10 of Dubstep to shame. The bass is massive, but not messy sounding like a lot of Dubstep theses days. Assembled flawlessly, the repeat button is the only next logical move. By far my favorite track of the entire Album, ‘Raw Crunch’ shows an entire new side tot he potential Glitch-Hop holds. The intro carries you seamlessly into a Razor drop (Dubstep/Electro), and from there you are completely blown away by the composure that Haywyre created for this massive track. ‘Raw Crunch’ finishes off strong in true Glitch-hop fashion, continually blowing your mind until the very end.

His second Exclusive to Beatport, ‘Contrast,’ is another big Glitch-Hop tune. Embodying the idea of contrast, this track floats right into more of that Razor style. I love the name of ‘Stone Shower,’ and once you listen you will understand why. The track has this vibe of rain falling, but breaking from the first simple Glitch drop you quickly are introduced to the bass stones that now wash away all else. The last orignal of the album is yet another favorite of mine from the album. ‘Mezmerize’ does just that to you, I cannot get enough of that Electric Guitar. Listening to the track you wonder where all the bass went. Patience is a virtue, and well worth the wait as the track progresses into an incredible drop. As a bonus, is a remix of ‘LD004’ from The Digital Connection, transforming the track into a more intense Glitch/Dubstep version of the original.  This album has to be one of the best releases I have heard in 2012. Besides the two exclusives to Beatport, ‘Infinite’ is FREE! Don’t be shy to show Haywyre some love and name a higher price on Bandcamp than $0.00. He is more than deserving of the support. I hope everyone else enjoys this album just as much as I have, it truly is a masterpiece.




Dubstep, Hip-Hop | Gramatik ft. Jay Fresh- Solidified

Posted by on April 3, 2012

Dallas’s lone hip-hop prodigy, Jay Fresh, is back at it again. This time, he’s teamed up with Pretty Lights artist Grammatik to bring the undeniable heat. Inspired by a recent green room jam session, “Solidified” is a product of the incontrovertible chemistry between both of the artists.

Not to be outdone, Gramatik recently dropped a brand new six song EP entitled “#digitalfreedom” through Pretty Lights Music. Predicated on the idea that thoughts, freedom of speech, and online creativity can’t be suppressed, the project is undoubtedly a testament to that creed. As a bonus, I’ve included a download link to the entire project. All hail #digitalfreedom!


DOWNLOAD: Gramatik- #digitalfreedom (Mixtape)

Albums, Electro | Jay Fresh- Diamonds (Blue Collar Prophet Remix)

Posted by on February 17, 2012

Just as lowly coal can become a lovely diamond, everyone has the potential to become something great. Diamonds are the hardest naturally produced substance on earth. Starting as a lump of coal, a diamond is created by pressure, time, and heat. Like a diamond, Jay Fresh’s career is beginning to crystalize- as he emerges from the Dallas hip-hop scene into national recognition. Blue Collar Prophet recently put his spin on Jay Fresh’s “Diamonds”, giving the track a new dubstep infused energy that I will certainly be bumping in my slab tonight while moving awkwardly to the drop.



Videos | Exclusive: Jay Fresh- The Motto Freestyle

Posted by on February 6, 2012

“Blowing on that doja/still losing my composure/and I’m still gettin’ wiser as these n*ggas gettin’ older.”

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. Living that maxim, Jay Fresh linked up with Taylin Draper Media to put his own spin on Drake’s famed “Motto” single. With SXSW quickly approaching, Conception Crafters and Jay Fresh have been hard at work with SuperVison, DVS, and Jus-Stone (just to name a select few), aiming to release another project before the masses converge on Austin. In addition to his own project, the rising internet sensation will also be featured on Gramatik’s forthcoming release as well. Talk about Y.O.L.O. It’s only a matter of time until I’ll be asking Jay for a photo, but you already know doe.  Be sure to follow Jay on his journey via Twitter and Facebook. *Insert conspicuous delta symbol here*

Guest Post By: “A

Hip-Hop, Videos | Jay Fresh- Just A Man (Video)

Posted by on December 13, 2011

Conception Crafters is like the Maybach Music of the blog world minus the matching chains and questionable ladyfriends. It’s no secret that Jay Fresh (and Conception Crafters) has been taking the blog world by storm as of late. However, who was the one that was riding for Jay Fresh in the very beginning? Me. Who was the one that predicted he would blow up? Me. Who’s the one who whips blogs like Rick Ross whips dope off the iPhone? Me. Alright, that last question was a little off topic.

This blog, however, isn’t about me or my love of Rick Ross, it’s about Jay Fresh. In lieu of his recent, “Delta Project” Jay releases another visual shot, edited, and colored by Chris Complete to keep the #freshheads at bay. The “Delta Project” has done so well that it’s allowed Jay to book four shows with Pretty Lights music artist Paper Diamond, Gramatik, Supervision, and Michal Menert. Somebody swag this man out. Even though Jay Fresh may be “just a man” I predict he’s well on his way to making serious noise in the coming months. Since I’m a nice guy, I’ve included the entire, “Delta Project” below if you missed it the first time. If you did miss it the first time, then shame on you. Connect with him on Facebook here.