Compilation, Featured, House | Top 50 Dance Tracks Of 2013 (Including 50-41)

Posted by on January 13, 2014

Top 50 dance tracks of 2013

Yes we know, you may be “top _____ of 2013” listed out, but bear with us as we present you our top 50 dance tracks of 2013. In the past we have done just big room / progressive, but here we attempt to take on the whole genre, from trap to progressive to deep house. A few ground rules and biases for how these tracks were selected. “Top” means biggest and best. So the most supported and played out tracks, first and foremost, but also our own bias as well to make this list not just a carbon copy of every other one you have read. All of us are based in the US / Canada, so our perception of what is played live is a largely US worldview, though we try and take a step back. The songs have to have been released in 2013. So tracks like “Easy”, “I Could Be The One”, “Alive”, “Clarity” and “Harlem Shake”, while all huge in 2013, won’t qualify for the list because they were released in 2012. Tough luck, but I think the artists will manage. Check out 50-41 after the jump and at the end find links for 40-31, 30-21, 20-11 and the best of the best, 10-1.


Electronic, House | Carnage & Tony Junior – Michael Jordan

Posted by on July 23, 2013


The latest release by Carnage proves that he is mercilessly conquering the festival house game. “Michael Jordan,” a collaboration with Dutch DJ Tony Junior, is already a raging hit that has spread like fire across the board. Even prior to it’s release though, the track was already pretty ubiquitous, packing heat in big name sets such as Martin Solveig, R3hab and Steve Aoki. Now my social media feeds are filled with “Michael Jordans,” a new sort of Harlem Shake where you just gotta get as pumped as possible when the beat drops.

“When we were testing out the track, people jumped like crazy on it, so we thought about someone that could jump really high,” claims Tony Junior, according to Billboard. “Then Carnage said, ‘Let’s call it ‘Michael Jordan!’ And the name was born.”

So there you have it. Now everybody get up, it’s time to slam. 

“Michael Jordan” is available for purchase via Beatport


Rap, Trap | PropaneLv – Harlem Shake Remix

Posted by on February 22, 2013

The viral video craze that accompanies Baauer’s “Harlem Shake” has hit the stratosphere in the last week as thousands of YouTube users upload their own chaos filled videos to the trap beat.  To my surprise, not many opportunistic rappers have jumped on it. I guess it was a perfect fit for PropaneLv and the next installment in his cover series – and he had the LTRMN goons on deck to give his video for it the usual Harlem Shake treatment. Download is on his Facebook below.

Download: PropaneLv – Harlem Shake Remix


Moombahton | Trap Stars: Baauer and Bird Peterson

Posted by on May 25, 2012

As the subject would suggest, this isn’t really moombahton; it’s trap. Did we say or did we say it? Trap-influenced dance music is about to take over as the next big urban sound and you might as well be early to the party. So without further adieu, let’s dig into these tracks.

First up we’ve got Baauer. Baauer is an up and comer out of Brooklyn with a diverse array of hip hop remixes under his belt and an obvious flair for funk. Perhaps it was therefore inevitable that he’d eventually catch Diplo’s eye. I’m digging the bouncy booty bass vibe in “Harlem Shake,” a track which has already seen major airtime on BBC Radio 1’s “Diplo and Friends” show and which seems perfectly suited to the beautiful weather we’re seeing here on the east coast (#THREEDAYWEEKEND). And how about those tropical marimba tones in “Yaow!”? Bottom line, both of these songs were built to light a fire on a packed dance floor.

Rounding it out this week is Bird Peterson, whose chill, hypnotic reboot of M83’s “Steve McQueen” brings a slightly different vibe than the two songs above. In fact, I’d go as far as to call this song haunting. This is a good one for humid, sticky summer nights in someone’s backyard.