Chill | Fazli Drops Official Music Video For New Single “Get Away”

Posted by on April 10, 2018

Fazli is an Afghani born musician, who tells his story through his music. When he was growing up, he had to flee his home country because of the war, and he found himself in between Russia and Scandinavia. Fazli draws upon all of his experiences to feed into his music, and his single “Get Away” is proof of that. The title alone is a tribute to his past, and the overall uplifting vibe suggests hope and renewal for the future. Others seem to agree as the video already as 40K views. The way that Fazli sings so passionately alongside uplifting atmosphere is something that’s worth experiencing, putting anyone in a spring season mood. The video for “Get Away” speaks for itself and can be viewed in full above.

Mashups, Progressive House | EDX vs. Disclosure – Latch For Life (Jack Eye Jones Club Mash)

Posted by on October 1, 2014


Few artists can pull off a quality mashup nowadays. It seems as though those times are over or, at the very least, numbered. Most of the glorious mashup DJ’s from the turn of the decade recognize this and are attempting to transition into original pieces. Sadly, few make it. However, Jack Eye Jones, a master of the original track trade, comes from the other side of the spectrum. Perhaps that’s why he can craft songs like “Latch For Life” and get away with it. The guy has a knack for these mashups so lend this track an ear. And for the snobby folks who refuse to consume inbred works, tune into my favorite Latch remix by Teemid.

And for good measure, my favorite Latch remix…

Chill, Electro | L’homme aux 4 lettres – Kimono

Posted by on April 7, 2014

 L'homme aux 4 lettres - KimonoFacebook | SoundCloud

French producer L’homme aux 4 lettres released a beauty today with “Kimono,” a dreamy melodic instrumental with hard hitting drums and an oriental flow. I personally can’t get enough of it as I’m completely under the charm and magic of the sound. If you’re looking for to get away trough the power of music and a little peace of mind, “Kimono” has all the chill vibes you need! Don’t sleep on this one, this is a must listen and a must download!

Free Download: L’homme aux 4 lettres – Kimono


Hip-Hop | Big Sean ft. Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica – Control

Posted by on August 12, 2013


This is the reason you don’t have Kendrick Lamar feature on one of your tracks. He WILL outshine you. This is the best I’ve ever heard Big Sean rap, yet he still gets shown up by Kendrick. tears the beat up for about 3 minutes before finally passing the flame for Jay Electronic to do his thing on it, and he does. But the limelight still belongs to Kendrick Lamar. He is the only rapper who can get away with calling himself the king of New York even though he grew up 3,000 miles away. But the best part about it, is that nobody is going to do anything about it, and they can’t, because Kendrick Lamar runs the rap game, and he won’t let any of us forget it. Pre-order Sean’s new album here but be aware that this gem will not be appearing on it.

Electronic, Preview | Disclosure – You & Me (Flume Remix) [Preview]

Posted by on June 11, 2013


If one thing in life is clear, it’s that Aussie producer Flume is on a roll right now. Remixing cool kids du jour Disclosure? Just another day at the office. “You & Me” is one of the catchiest tracks off of Disclosure’s recent album, but Flume manages to get away from the long shadow cast by the original to create something totally different. “Orchestral crunkwave” is the term used on his Soundcloud page — totally works for me.


FYI | Will.I.Am ft. Chris Brown “Let’s Go” Steals Mat Zo & Arty’s Rebound

Posted by on April 16, 2013

I was seriously debating on giving this song any pub at all because it deserves to be relegated to bottom of the music totem pole without anybody noticing. But that is the problem, nobody notices and nobody cares that such a great song from two of the best up and coming producers was so wantonly stolen by and his band of merry writers. But why this one, Pitbull “samples” songs all the time, Flo Rida the same, it is really nothing new in this climate of heavy sampling in modern pop music. But, when big money is tossed around to shut people up and the threat of big label lawyers coming down on a “small time” artist like Arty or Mat Zo, they are almost surely going to settle on this, instead of facing the reality of going after Interscope and all of their legal might.

Anjunabeats DID NOT clear the sample so there is a case against will if they want to fight him. Maybe it was another producer who snuck this one in there, but I really don’t see how a large sample like this could have snuck by everyone at such a large label on a release as big as this. They either felt they could get away with this, or thought they could bully Mat Zo and Arty out of their own music. It remains to be seen if that will happen, but as the day continues, it seems as though a fight is brewing and there may be some high powered lawyers joining the side of Arty & Mat Zo. I can see exactly why Mat Zo deleted his twitter account yesterday because would have gone apesh*t on Stream both tracks to hear the obvious theft and then after the jump hear ANOTHER theft of Sandro Silva & Quintino’s “Epic”, which is sadly kind of old news by now because it has been done so many times.

Arty Rebound Anjuna

Arty Mat Zo Rebound

Max Graham Rebound

Jono Rebound


FYI | An Open Letter To… The Weeknd

Posted by on April 15, 2012

Dear Weeknd,

I watched you perform in the desert as the sun set on Coachella tonight. What you’ve done for music as of late has been notable to say the least. With a matter of three projects and no radio play, you’ve single handedly brought credibility back to genre marred with bubble gum hooks and general foolishness. Your music is nothing short of genius, but I have a bone to pick. Actually, it’s quite a big bone. Your live performance just plain sucks.

I sat at my computer watching the live stream of your performance in absolute shock. The whole blogosphere and Twitterverse was in shock. Even the fans watching the show were shocked. They stood there just as bewildered as I was watching from home. They couldn’t even muster enough enthusiasm for an encore. You ran off the stage awkwardly with your hands to your side like something out of Jon Heder’s “Napoleon Dynamite.” It was that bad.

Look, I get it. That’s a huge stage. They threw you in the deep end and forced you to swim. You’re a new artist. You’re still developing your stage presence. It’s like anything else, it just takes practice. Even Frank Ocean’s stage performance was poor at best. That I’ll let you slide on. What I won’t let you get away with was your vocal performance. Half of your songs weren’t even in the right key. Drake should have bought you some floaties because you sank miserably.

Despite your slopping showing, I’m still a fan. I’ll still come to your shows, listen to your music all by myself in a dark room, and buy your debut album when it comes out. You’re making music that nobody else has the ability to make, and we celebrate you for that. However, tonight we all learned that you were less invincible than previously thought. And in a strange way, makes you more likable.