Hip-Hop, Videos | Tayyib Ali – Like Dat [Music Video]

Posted by on November 30, 2012

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Many of us have been starving for a new video from young Tayyib Ali and after a year long visual hiatus.  After releasing “Like Dat”, the first single off his highly acclaimed sequel mixtape to Keystone State of Mind, a few months back, Tay teams up with FTS Creative to add a visual treatment to the reflection track.  With production coming from 52 Kings, Philly’s prince reflects on his life and career while riding smoothly on a clean set of trucks.  No release date set for #KSOM2 just yet, but I know how anxious Tay is to share his new music with us so I would presume a first quarter ’13 release.

DOWNLOAD: Tayyib Ali – Like Dat (Prod. by 52 Kings)

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Hip-Hop, Videos | The King’s Dead – Mighty California [Music Video]

Posted by on September 26, 2012

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One of my person favorites off The King’s Dead debut project, “Jerusalem, is now here in visual form.  Aziz and Alexander have always been involved the production of their visuals and now that they are represented by their independent film movement, Vérité Films, they played an even more instrumental role in the creation of “Mighty California”.  Co-Directed/Produced by Elan Alexanberg of FTS Creative, The King’s Dead once again creates a spectacle of creativity.

“The “Mighty California” Video was inspired by Salvador Dali’s first movie “Un Chien”. The confusing non existent sense of time the film portrayed inspired Aziz Francois to create his own modern day version. A blend of Al Pacino’s “Scarface” and Dali’s “Un Chien” come together to create Mighty California. A Story about Aziz escaping two prostitutes who hold him hostage in a hotel, until he escapes 

to find revenge. The goal was to create something where the viewer wasn’t just left confused, but able to piece the story together themselves instead of it being your typical rap in front of camera hip hop video. We developed characters that you need to establish on your own. In the end it becomes your video, and it means what ever you want it too; allowing the fans to become part of the vision.”
DOWNLOAD: The King’s Dead – Mighty California
DOWNLOAD: The King’s Dead – Jerusalem [Mixtape]
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Hip-Hop, Videos | The Dean’s List – Birth [Music Video]

Posted by on June 18, 2012

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The Dean’s List stay on course, delivering another new video off their debut album, Generation X.  The second track on the album, or “the calm before the storm” rather, orchestrates the beginning stage of our generation’s journey, with a powerful opening verse from Sonny which read’s as follows,

“And im the reason all my friends have something to believe in
I know its superficial but my mood fits the season
Im colder than I ever was and better than the better man
As simple as that sounds you should really let it settle in
The calm, right before the storm and but I know its cliché
But take a shot for, take a shot for being born”

With that, celebrate the small things we often overlook in life.  Sonny Shotz is the king of introspection.  He speaks truthfully in every song and very few artists can really represent a generation like The Dean’s List have begun to do.  My only hope is that before the next project, we have a video for every track off #GenerationX because that would be one hell of a movie.  As always, shout out to FTS Creative for another fine job behind the camera.  This video will have your head spinning; literally.

Purchase on iTunes: The Dean’s List – Generation X [Album]


Hip-Hop, Videos | The Dean’s List – Take Shape [Video]

Posted by on April 19, 2012

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Although Vevo prematurely released this video back on April 3 when Generation X hit digital shelves, the video was quickly pulled and saved for a release earlier this week.  As most of you probably know by now, The Dean’s List recently delivered one of the top hip-hop albums of 2012 in “Generation X”, a comprehensive journey of life. Beginning with birth, Sonny, Mik, & Mendoza share their story thus far with a track for each step of the journey.  “Take Shape” focuses on the point where recognition sets in and their careers begin to come to fruition.  Sonny laces up with his Hendrix looking wig as FTS Creative shoots some trippy visuals for this light party anthem.  My question to you is, who has the best costume?

Purchase on iTunes: The Dean’s List – Take Shape

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Albums, Hip-Hop, Videos | The Dean’s List – Generation X [Album]

Posted by on April 3, 2012

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Just over a year ago, The Dean’s List took the blogosphere by storm with the release of their highly successful and career defining mixtape, The Drive-In.  Prior to that release, the Boston trio consisting of Sonny Shotz, DJ Mendoza, and Mik Beats had released a haphazard mixtape, Undeclared,  on iTunes with hopes of collecting some coin for their 100% in-house work.  If you ask them, they will likely all agree this wasn’t the right move, but luckily they recovered control of the wheel and drove-in to their self dubbed genre, “It’s The Dean’s List”.  With infusions of hip-hop, pop, electro, classic sampling, an offering of unconventional bar and song lengths, placed them in a lane of their own.

While The Drive-In instilled the mentality of “F it I’m young” into the ears of its listeners, Generation X takes you on a journey through the come up The Dean’s List have experienced thus far.  I have not listened to the project in full yet, but I did just contribute to its rise to the #1 spot on the iTunes charts.  From what I have heard of the project, I will say Mik and Mendoza have taken their production to the next level once again, offering up an organic blend of all different genre’s while Sonny continues to deliver first string lyrics that are far deeper than the rap.  For anyone who appreciates up and coming art, invest the $11.99 in this album and I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.  If you’re still skeptic, go ahead and download The Drive-In for free and listen from start to finish.

Above, is the video for “Youth” featuring Sid Sriram (ironically Mik’s roommate from freshman year), shot and directed by Elan Alexenberg of FTS Creative, one of the best at his craft.  This video depicts the message behind the song to a T, stuck in between being a kid and fame.

Special shout out to the whole Dean’s List roster along with Dani Ummel (the bodacious vocals behind “No Sleep” off The Drive-In), who makes 5 appearances on this album.

Purchase Album on iTunes: The Dean’s List – Generation X

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Hip-Hop, Mixtapes, Rap | Saigon – Warning Shots 3 [Mixtape]

Posted by on January 29, 2012

After once vowing to retire after he dropped his first (and only) album,

“Whatever the case may be, We do a census on who is the sickest lyricist, they say me, That’s without a album out, y’all rated me, I drop one and I’mma bow out gracefully” – Saigon

…the Yardfather returns with the third installment of his Warning Shots mixtape, One Foot In The Grave.  Hungrier and more determined than ever, Saigitty follows up last years album (one of my personal favorites of the year), The Greatest Story Never Told [Purchase Here], with a cut-throat project once again proving to fans and critics that he’s one of the hardest lyricists out. The tape definitely holds true to his “underground” image, banging heavy with executive production from the one and only, Just Blaze.  The Brooklyn native has already confirmed another album is on the way, and judging by the work Sai’s been putting in lately, I’d say it’s coming very soon.  Below are a few of my favorite cuts:

DOWNLOAD: Saigon – Warning Shots 3: One Foot In The Grave [Mixtape]

DOWNLOAD: Saigon – I Am 4 Real [Watch Video]

DOWNLOAD: Saigon – Hungry [Watch Video]

DOWNLOAD: Saigon ft. Joe Budden – Bring Me Down Pt. 3

DOWNLOAD: Saigon ft. Jovan Dais – Women Are The New Dogs

DOWNLOAD: Saigon ft. Lil Fame – Another Man Down

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Hip-Hop, Rap, Videos | Saigon – I Am 4 Real [Music Video]

Posted by on January 15, 2012

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The Yardfather has kicked off 2012 with a bang, rolling out a new weekly promo, TnT, dropping new music every Tuesday and Thursday until the release of his mixtape.  The project is the first since Saigon’s album, Greatest Story Never Told, took the underground scene by storm in early 2011.  Warning Shots 3: One Foot In The Grave will be executively produced by Sai’s right hand man, Just-Bliggity-Blaze, who sampled Outkast’s “Miss Jackson” for the first single.  The video was shot by the one and only Elan Alexenberg (FTS Creative), who is easily becoming one of my favorite director/producers.  The video showcases Saigon’s fearless mindset as he continues to scare off fake MC’s.

DOWNLOAD: Saigon – I Am 4 Real

DOWNLOAD: Saigon ft. Lil Fame – Another Man Down