Electronic, Trap | Phazz – Lionheart

Posted by on July 11, 2014

By now, you should already be familiar with French producer Phazz and the majority of his repertoire, so allow me to introduce you rather to the startup label that brings us this fresh new track. Meet youtellme, a London based platform focused on sharing music from eclectic, genre-defying artists from all over the map. This addicting electronic-trap jam is the first release off their freshman compilation volume, which features a superb variety of artists that you hopefully haven’t yet heard of but won’t be able to stop listening once you do. Trust me, youtellme is telling you the right things to listen to.


Electronic | Tune In Crew ft Silver Medallion – Racecar Driver

Posted by on May 27, 2014

Tune In Crew ft Silver Medallion Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

Silver Medallion is back thanks to the French production duo Tune In Crew who have enlisted his vocals and good ol’ American songwriting to put together this electro-pop record “Racecar Driver” fit for radio! I’ve been a fan of Tune In Crew ever since their Matisyahu “Live Like A Warrior” remix, and it’s exciting to see that they are venturing into releasing original releases fit for radio. It’s only a matter of time until this record gets picked up! This is a must listen and support the artists by purchasing it on iTunes!

iTunes: Tune In Crew ft Silver Medallion – Racecar Driver

Electronic | Stromae – Ta Fête (J.A.C.K Remix)

Posted by on May 2, 2014

StromaeFacebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

Yooo don’t sleep on this remix of Stromae’s “Ta Fete” by French producer J.A.C.K. it’s on some other level, on a such a whole other level that I almost want to believe that Daft Punk had something to do with this remix, and J.A.C.K. is just an alias. This infectious electronic remix has 21st century French House written all over it, and it can’t get any better, being a child of the French House era (shout out to all my French peeps!). If there’s anything you listen to today, make sure you make this one it, this is a must listen!



Posted by on April 29, 2014

If you’re looking for something a little different to start off the week, check out this track by Krampf and Akeda, both from Paris. Although the track is in French, and I’m aware many of our readers are English speakers, the beat speaks for itself. Chill and trapped out, “Embrasse Moi (ft. Pendentif)” bounces along through a mixed series of drum variations that keep it interesting. The warped vocals give it an eerie background. If you’ve got the right speakers, this track has some deep bass all the way through. Grab it for free!

Krampf | Akeda

Free Download: Krampf & Akeda – Embrasse Moi (Ft Pendentif)

Mix | La Griffe – Les Inseparables

Posted by on April 17, 2014

If you pride yourself in being coooool or trendy, or having a unique, underground taste in music then you just need to go ahead and hold your horses because what I’m about to show you about is going to rock your world. Meet La Griffe, a DJ duo comprised of two brothers, one based in France and the other in the Big Apple. Taking into account these guys therefore have two major global music outlets on lock, you can only imagine their exquisite taste and even more exquisite library of jams. This mixtape, which is apparently the 4th Volume of the “L’Amour en Crescendo” Collection, features an assortment of songs, beats, and remixes I quite frankly haven’t heard anywhere else. Don’t be turned away if you feel a little uncertain about the mixtape at first, just take a deep breath and you’ll find yourself grooving before you know it. My recommendation? While getting ready to go out tonight or anytime this long weekend, light some candles, make yourself a cocktail, download this, turn it on and let it take you away.


Chill, Electro | L’homme aux 4 lettres – Kimono

Posted by on April 7, 2014

 L'homme aux 4 lettres - KimonoFacebook | SoundCloud

French producer L’homme aux 4 lettres released a beauty today with “Kimono,” a dreamy melodic instrumental with hard hitting drums and an oriental flow. I personally can’t get enough of it as I’m completely under the charm and magic of the sound. If you’re looking for to get away trough the power of music and a little peace of mind, “Kimono” has all the chill vibes you need! Don’t sleep on this one, this is a must listen and a must download!

Free Download: L’homme aux 4 lettres – Kimono

Jersey Club | Rusty Hook – Get So Fly

Posted by on April 6, 2014

As soon as you hear that iconic riff, you’ll already know what it is – but lemme just tell you to wait a second because this is, quite frankly, even better. As soon as I pressed play on Bordeaux-producer, Rusty Hook’s Baby Bash remix, “Get So Fly,” I straight up got the chills! Imagine the original, except without the cheesy lyrics, with a Jersey Club twist and full of unexpected breaks and pauses that leave you just dying to hear more. In the short amount of time this track has been live via Cosmonostro and Marmorean Records, it has already ran dry of free downloads, but you can still take 4 minutes and 20 seconds to get absolutely lifted, shifted, and higher than the ceiling (you know the rest).