House | Gerry Gonza Takes On MALAA’s ‘Diamonds’

Posted by on October 25, 2016

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Gerry Gonza is back at it once again with his signature G-House sound. This time tackling a remix of the hit song “Diamonds” straight from France’s popular masked producer Malaa. This is in no way your casual Sunday afternoon remix, on the contrary Gerry takes Malaa’s signature sounds and fleshes them out in to a late night club ready banger that’s sure to leave you wanting more. Gerry has had a really strong year so far and we are excited for more. Grab the free download here.

Chill, House | Mosimann’s ‘The Gifted One” Takes Lyric Videos To The Next Level

Posted by on June 17, 2016

Mosimann caught me off guard when I stumbled upon his lyric video for “The Gifted One”. He comes from France and has built his career within the city and in surrounding areas. One element I found particularly exciting was the sheer amount Mosimann has accomplished in a short amount of time. He has been a judge on The Voice Belgium, completely won the French show Star Academy, and has soared into the DJMag Top 100 in 2016. That’s alot.

It’s clear Mosimann’s promotion is as diverse as his background. His SoundCloud focuses on both the banger and chill side of electronic music.

His latest work is most definitely far from heavy. “The Gifted One”, is an innovative twist on the chill house you are hearing. It’s less deep house / tech house influenced, which is sort of the norm in America at the moment, and focuses on a poppier vibe, most so when the drop comes.

Mosimann’s “The Gifted One” is well-produced and easy to enjoy multiple times over, click the YouTube link above to learn more about this artist.

Chill | Saje – Lost Tonight (Original Mix)

Posted by on November 15, 2014


The Bearded Man has been pushing some of the weirdest, funkiest, ear-catching tuneage out there today. When Saje came to my attention I just couldn’t resist. ‘Lost Tonight’ redefines ‘Chill.’ Combining mellow vocals with an ambiance unfounded, Saje develops a digital dreamscape only accessible to those who want to capture a higher state of mind. The duo has embraced their roots, transporting us to the city of love, Paris, France. We thank them for honouring the scene with this one.


Progressive House | Sevag – People / Warrior March

Posted by on September 26, 2014

Sevag - People : Warrior March

We have two tunes for you before you head out on the town tonight (or not). French DJ, Antoine Clamaran, who is not a household name in the States, but has a very strong fan base in France and is part of French super group, Reepublic, has started his own label and Sevag’s two track EP is one of its first releases. The two tunes have the bouncy, progressive feel that has been heard in his recent tracks, like “Latina“. That kick drum is heavy, so bring the subs on these ones.

Beatport: Sevag – People / Warrior March

Chill, Electronic, Mix | Zimmer – Méditerranée | July Tape

Posted by on July 28, 2014

After discovering his remix of MØ’s infectious “Don’t Wanna Dance” and consequently being BLOWN AWAY by it, it’s safe to say I was hooked on the Parisian producer, Zimmer. In addition to his collection of both remixes and originals, the self-proclaimed “horizontal disco and feel good house” artist keeps his 45k Soundcloud fans (and growing) at bay by releasing free monthly mixtapes, like any good artist should. This month’s mixtape, as you might have guessed from the title, has a Mediterranean theme to it, which not only means the selected songs transport you right to the white sandy beaches of Croatia or the Greek Isles, but each track has it’s own connection to the southern European region. Press play and take a trip to paradise without having to leave your room ^_^ Tracklist after the break!



Compilation, Electronic | Rooftops Horizon Compilation Vol. 1

Posted by on July 28, 2014

Startup labels seem to be all the rage these days. Thanks to the success of independent outlets such as Soulection and Pilerats, to name a few, off-the-radar artists have hit the internet jackpot. Today’s startup spotlight goes to Rooftops Horizon, a label based out of Paris, the city of love and great music. This compilation features tracks from some of our current favorite producers such as Rusty Hook, salute, and Renz, alongside some new names, JL and Romby. Snatch this free download for some blissful listening this Monday evening. (I’ve had “Gold Rush” on repeat for an hour now)


Chill | Damian Marley – Road To Zion ( EFIX & XKAEM Cover )

Posted by on July 18, 2014

Damian Marley - Road To Zion ( EFIX & XKAEM Cover )Facebook | SoundCloud

EFIX is always on that fiyah, going more then remixing classic jams, but actually recreating them in his Mediterranean flavor. This time, EFIX hits us with a Nas and Damian Marley cover of “Road To Zion” with Montpellier, France reggae artist XKAEM, and the track is some straight fire, it’s impossible not to vibe out to. I’ll have to be honest I’ve been holding on to this track for a good week before share it, before you’ll have to excuse me, I’ve been out here jamming, and I can’t wait to hear where he’s going to take his reggae sound next! I hear originals! This is a must listen and a must download!

Free Download: Damian Marley – Road To Zion ( EFIX & XKAEM Cover )