Alternative, Ambient, Chill | Prelow – Simple Song

Posted by on March 15, 2014

A month or so ago, we premiered to you a soft-spoken indie group by the name of Prelow. The NYC-bred duo is back with their newest release entitled, “Simple Song”. Staying true to its name, “Simple Song” doesn’t employ dozens of layers of instruments or vocals, but rather strips it down the excess and provides a song beautiful for everything that it’s not.

Prelow is a promising new name in indie music not only for their vocal prowess, but the self-production that has captivated over 15,000 listeners over the past five days. Enjoy a free download and stream below.

Chill, Indie | Prelow – For The Team

Posted by on January 22, 2014

After a semi-intelligent child turned me on to their music a few weeks back, I have been absolutely hooked on Prelow. The mysterious band has only one public track on their SoundCloud, but the heavily-produced indie tune “For The Team” has me begging to hear more.

Lead vocalist, Jesse Aicher, whispers sweet nothings in to your ear as the song progresses. His soft, melodic voice complementing the hazy electronic instrumental to make a sound unlike much of what I have heard coming out of the indie genre.

The duo, although seemingly new to the scene, clearly has a natural cohesion, and a knack for making intriguing music. I encourage you all to check out Prelow’s “For The Team” and stay tuned for more from the NYC-based group.