Electronic | Drishti Beats Downtempo Electronic Influenced Single “Give It All” A Natural Fit For Yoga-Music Group

Posted by on June 26, 2020

There are a few acts who have combined therapy value, athleticism, live performance, and and ambitious electronic music career, like the group ask known as Drishti Beats.

Live music performance, instrumentation, and a directive from a teaching leader accompanies it’s just a part of the joy that the group delivers at their live shows.

“Give It All” not only fully fits what is a familiar feel from the group, but actually releases in conjuction and honor of International Yoga Day which was on June 21st. Adding more fuel to the relevancy fire here.

With a blend of downtempo elements and electronic overarching, “Give It All” is a must hear on multiple counts.

Bass | Drishti Beats Wrap Up Festival Season With Original Experimental Sound “Oasis”

Posted by on December 11, 2019

With a super relaxing exotic house influence, Drishti Beats shows how to blend unique influences together to form a complete experience worth repeating.

Drishti Beats, with performances at EDC and Mysteryland under their belt this year, now release the free feeling “Oasis.” A single using both Middle-Eastern and jazz-inspired sounds, the group has truly stumbled upon an inspirational set of sounds.

Drishti Beats is a live band yoga class experience, so it’s no wonder their music indeed does get you into a relaxed state.

They’re are rocking their niche and it certainly falls very much in the lane of what a common dance music fans would be all over.