Chill | Mike Posner – I Took A Pill In Ibiza

Posted by on April 20, 2015

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We’ve been supporting Mike Posner since his first release. He’s been off the radar for a bit, but Posner is back after quite some time away and appears to be older and wiser. His genre bending sound continues to captivate hip-hop, rock, country, and indie fans in a way few artists can. I remember when Posner first burst into the scene six years ago making crazy remixes in his dorm room at Duke and featuring tracks with Big Sean. He has been to the top of the world and back and this track showcases a more mature songwriter. While he can still ham it up for Maroon 5 and other pop acts, Posner’s newest acoustic-driven track reminisces on living and growing up after half a decade of fame.

House | SxG – Fireball

Posted by on October 28, 2013



SxG the producer/DJ from Upenn sent this record “Fireball” over and I know a few DJs that are going to be happy. This undiscovered banger is sure to get a lot of college kids raging on the dance floor with a big build, and a hard drop announced by the tag line “B*tch, get off my dick.” This track is so good you’d think Hardwell’s camp sent this over, but nah, all DIY, produced in a dorm room. I’m with it! Get that free download, and must listen!

Free Download: SxG – Fireball

Electronic, House | Rasmus Faber – Indian Summer feat. Frida Sundemo

Posted by on September 4, 2013

As evening approaches over here in the land of the tall, blonde and beautiful, I’ve got a spectacular view out my dorm room window of the sun setting in the horizon. Inspiring, to say the least, to watch it while listening to one of my latest discoveries. Now before I give that away, let me tell you I love house just as much as the next frat star but there comes a point, not just for house but all genres, where everything honestly starts to sound the same. I was worried I had reached that point until I stumbled upon Swedish producer (there seems to be a lot of these floating around FNT lately…), Rasmus Faber. And his latest release, titled “Indian Summer” featuring fellow Swede Frida Sundemo stands out to me the most. Like many a great progressive house tracks, it has the heavenly vocals and pulsating beats but instead of the overused builds and drops, Rasmus provides us with a “musical landscape of meandering and looping piano.” Not bad, right?

As I writer I do my best to share my own unique feelings, but considering my circumstances, the track’s description really nails it on the head for me:

Indian Summer evokes lazy, sunny days of happiness, yet with the imminence of autumn comes a slight sense of foreboding and melancholy that is ever-present in Scandinavian culture. Enjoy the last few rays, the swan song, the gentle passing of time as thoughts look to the future and what could be!

Will do, Rasmus.



Electronic, Trap | King Henry – Dayman (Demo)

Posted by on May 22, 2013

Well, top of the morning to all you champions of the sun out there on this fine Wednesday. My late night prowling led me to discover the sexy sounds of the revered King Henry and I’d be delighted to share my findings with you.  This LA-based producer takes on current trends in music and turns them completely inside out in this awesome, enriching and totally satisfying manner. It’s a little trillwave mixed with trap and bouncin’ beats, one song he even identifies as “comic trap.” It’s the kind of stuff you can put on at parties to intrigue//impress all your friends, or just chill out and listen to in the comfort of your own bed. It’s versatile, it’s groovy, and it’s rad. I pulled a couple songs that might lure you in, Dayman in particular being my favorite. If you think it’s good, just wait till the final drop at the end of the song and then you’ll realize this King Henry isn’t jousting — er, joking around.

Check out King Henry on Soundcloud and social media for more, and you can download his first album at a name-your-price cost from Bandcamp.



Dayman (Demo)


Benzel – Fallin’ Love (King Henry Remix)


Captain Crunch (TS39) (FREE DOWNLOAD)