House | 95 Royale – Take Me Back (I’ll Do Whatever It Takes)

Posted by on June 9, 2013

95 Royale - Take Me Back (I'll Do Whatever It Takes)The young gun, 95 Royale, is preparing for his next EP release that is two weeks. He has been pushing to make a name for himself in Disco-House and honestly, I don’t see why more people aren’t catching onto his uplifting dance vibes. “Take Me Back” is a great track to bring it back, Disco that is. I love the soulfulness you feel from the vocals and instrumentals, another perfect track from 95 Royale. His “Deli Luvin” EP drops on June 24th.

95 Royale

Free Download: 95 Royale – Take Me Back

Dubstep, House | Funky Friday #3

Posted by on March 8, 2013

Funky FridayFunky Friday is back again with some fresh grooves to get your Friday night going. Kicking off this weeks post is an awesome mix from funks future self, Aeroplane. Aeroplane has been one of the most consistant Disco-House producers for some time now. Thsi March mix is great, it isn’t too jam packed with tracks that it can’t be enjoyed, but enough to keep the party moving. A sweet download if you are looking to get moving a bit this weekend.

I have even surprised myself with all the mixes that have been involved in Funky Friday. The Knocks have come a long way since being openers for Chiddy Bang. Having been able to catch them live once myself, they tend to sneak in a little bit of the funk. Considering that they usually follow the masses, it is really cool to hear them let loose a little bit more on this mix.

This next track is technically Dubstep, but I could not get over the 80s Miami chord progression on this track. Dr. Ozi really did an awesome job on this original.


Hip-Hop, House | Funky Friday #2

Posted by on March 1, 2013

Funky FridayHow pathetic is it that it has been about 3 weeks since the first Funky Friday post? Talk about a weekly fail, but I am going to revive this idea in full force. Starting out this Friday is a sick funky mix, just so the mood is set right.

Now that the mood is right, it is time to kick off Funky Friday with some real Disco vibes. SyKo has made a few releases that I will never be able to stop listening to. This free orignal takes the cake, it is too good to be true.



House | Bruno Mars – Locked Out of Heaven (Solidisco Remix)

Posted by on January 27, 2013


It was just about a year ago that Solidisco broke out in the scene with their bootleg of Rihanna’s smash hit “We Found Love”. Since then, they have built a solid following for themselves and their unique take on Disco House. The the save vein as their Rihanna remix, Solidisco lends their funky production to Bruno Mars “Locked Out of Heaven” creating a funky take on the hit record. From smooth synths to screaming guitars, this one is a must download. In addition, download their remix of Anjulie’s “You and I” that is equally great.

Free Download: Bruno Mars – Locked Out of Heaven (Solidisco Remix)

Bonus Download: Anjulie – You & I (Solidisco Remix)

Electronic, House | Funky Friday #1

Posted by on January 25, 2013

The on going joke between my friend Nammo and myself is that we should have lived our 20s in the 1970s. We just love the funky, disco vibes that just make you want to feel good and break it down. There isn’t anything wrong with a little funk in the week so I decided to start up Funky Friday. This dance filled post will contain Funk, Bass Funk, Disco-House, basically any and everything that could connect with your funky bone. Starting off the first Funky Friday is an epic vinyl only release from Ghetto Funk. It is probably one of the greatest things I have ever heard. Again it is vinyl only release on Jan. 28th. These previews are worth dipping into though.

Next is a golden Disco-House remix from RUNVS. This is my tune of the weekend, I just can’t get enough of it.

This De La Phunk remix is a sort of lounge Disco-House to start, but then two minutes in the finally piece of the puzzle breaks in. This would be such an awesome song to hear live and loud, feeling the beat pound into your chest and exhale through your legs.

It wouldn’t be a funky post without Aeroplane’s Miami synths. 1980s styled Disco-House with a little bit of that Miami spirit going through your speakers.

House | 95 Royale – The Neighborhood

Posted by on January 13, 2013

Wow, another incredible Disco-House track from this guy, its like he is pulling rabbits out of a hat. I have been feeling Disco’s come back more than ever recently. It feels like slowly people are starting to pick up on how much fun the genre is. Fun can only lightly describe this awesome original from 95 Royal. It might be Sunday but I don’t see why anyone couldn’t have a dance party with this track today.


Free Download: 95 Royal – The Neighborhood


Posted by on December 11, 2012

Amtrac has been on a decent streak the past month, with lots of free tracks and previews. This new remix of his is rocking that Disco-House that sends funk through your dancing bones. I like how he balanced out the vocals a bit more to make this a real dancing tune to get lost in.