Dance | dEVOLVE Unleashes Euphoric 4-Track ‘Run This Town’ EP

Posted by on May 29, 2021

Run This Town EP is something not to be slept on, thanks to the dedication in the studio that dEVOLVE knows how to discipline himself to.

The experience collectively fit’s to him well. Dance-pop, hip-hop, deep house, and more finds a meaningful flow here, given the sensibilities and textures this seasoned electronic musician puts into to play. Thumping bass permeates throughout as a thread that interlinks all the tracks together, yet each one on the EP has distinctive values that allows it to stand on their own feet individually.

dEVOLVE has over 30,000,000 streams to his name just on Spotify, a point translated from this fact being he knows what’s doing when it comes to the secret sauce that makes singles stick euphorically.

Run This Town EP is certainly staged for a trajectory of success. It embraces a familiar motif as other triumphant dEVOLVE singles have.

Dance, Pop | dEVOLVE’s Positive Music Influence “Golden (feat. Saint Wade)” Storms On With Turnt Media Release

Posted by on February 13, 2021

“Golden (feat. Saint Wade)” fixates on a tightly-knit spectrum of pop and dance accolades. dEVOLVE’s captivating sound intersects with Florida-based Saint Wade, the connection between the two boasting a balance of pop etching, energetic/club friendly vibes, and a fluid, organic structure those leaning into dance would easily gravitate to.

TURNT Music Media showcases a dynamic range of artists from an international space. Yet, with such a wide net the label signs and showcases a well-defined circle of artists easily intriguing to those who enjoy depth and shine to the tracks they delve into.

dEVOLVE’s been busy in 2021, practicing a feisty schedule that would keep anyone engaged. ‘The Launch’ has been more than successful as it continues on weekly, repeat support from Spotify official playlists is the norm, and plenty of organic support in conjunction from fans, the solo musician is on a righteous path to say the least.

Future House | dEVOLVE’s ‘We’re Burning Up,’ Follows Up ‘The Launch’ Podcast Partnership with Insomniac

Posted by on January 2, 2021

“We’re Burning Up,” fires off with a high octane blend of future house-driven melody and hint of breaks sprinkled in there. Pair this with poppy arrangement and a keen seen of what kind of music works in the club, and you get a taste of what’s being delivered here.

dEVOLVE stayed busy in 2020. Now Mondays at 5pm pacific and 8pm, “The Launch,” goes live and keeps the solo musician intact in culture and sets. Stack this with singles released in the past 12 months and what’s to come. It’s safe to say dEVOLVE isn’t slowing down here as time moves forward.

dEVOLVE continues to be one to rely on for what he’s primed you for already as a fan, in conjunction with his new stuff – altogether not a fly-over artist.

With Insomniac Radio & Dash Radio partnering up with dEVOLVE on the new podcast, many elements are going right for the well-seasoned artist. “We’re Burning Up” isn’t exempt to this.

Check out the single above.


Electronic | dEVOLVE And Breikthru Captures Pure And Captivating Moods in “Deep In My Heart” Collaberation

Posted by on September 26, 2020

“Deep In My Heart,” by dEVOLVE & Breikthru featuring Saint Wade, delivers more than a fair shake from the Florida-based artists

Well-crafted pop moments with electrifying sonic infections formulate a perfect storm of dance, pop, and a bit of hard-to-title zest straight from the brain of dEVOLVE – locking the listeners attention in on the song fervently.

The solo DJ/producer dEVOLVE has played dozens of shows, has had his sound exposed to music fans around the world, and tends to heavily participate in annual can’t-miss dance experiences like Miami Music Week.

dEVOLVE represents more than just music, connect with him on socials to experience a deeper journey.

Bass | USA-Based DEVOLVE Releases Hard Hitting EP “Kill The Club”

Posted by on December 18, 2018

There are few artists who have climbed the ranks enough to receive not just support from Jillionaire, Diplo (members of Major Lazer), and other top-shelf names, but to land a guest spot on the legendary Diplo & Friends. Yet, this is precisely what DEVOLVE has accomplished and then some, also having played a generous amount of shows in 2018.

In part celebrating these moments of success, DEVOLVE has released a 3-track Kill The Club EP that showcases his colors in full. And, being the active DJ he is, the solo artist has released an album mix on Apple Music exclusively, naturally showcasing not only his music but sounds that DEVOLVE endorses. DEVOLVE’s consistency and growth in the club/bass scene is allowing him to stand out in the long run.

Moombahton | DEVOLVE Spotlights Remixing Artists With New “Monster” EP

Posted by on November 4, 2017

DEVOLVE is half-way flying under the radar but won’t be for long. The Orlando-native just tore up the decks on Diplo & Friends last month and has moombahton-themed bangers with multi-millions of plays on the loose. DEVOLVE is in the beginnings of what will most likely be a fast-rise within dance music scene. His new EP Monster is a small taste of the goodies planned which always seemed to get support by massive acts like Major Lazer. Monster EP features two remixes that each showcase their own style and vibe utilizing the “Monster” template.

Moombahton | dEVOLVE Releases Moombaton Single “Monster (feat. Richie Loop)”

Posted by on June 2, 2017

Based out of Florida, dEVOLVE is undoubtedly underrated given the quality of music that he makes. I remember when his hit track came out “Higher,” The single having that perfect Reggaetón electronic feel, which happened to landed over 10 million streams. dEVOLVE has not been slowing down, he’s now released “Monster” with artist Richie Loop. The single shows the softer side of the genre, but is still a party starter.

dEVOLVE has been played on Apple Beats, BBC Radio 1, and a host of artist podcasts. His passion and drive to make quality tracks big stands out, you’ll be hearing more from this solo artist soon.