Pop | CHYLD Enlists Tennyson for “Mess this Up”

Posted by on April 30, 2021

Outside of his work in the studio, helping other artists with production, writing and engineering, multi-talented MA based CHYLD has also been able to maintain a stacked release schedule.  Beyond his solo work, he has recently dropped gems with Mickey Darling, Emilia Ali, Llynks, Baer, Eman8, Ronnie Lott, Wyatt, JAYJ and Constance (coming soon).

His latest offering only adds to the hype.  This time, CHYLD touched base with one of his personal favorite artists, Tennyson, and together they crafted, “Mess this Up”.  With both trendsetters putting work in on the production and writing, CHYLD says, “This song is about finding the right person in your life and never taking them for granted, and never wanting to mess it up.”  With both Tennyson and CHYLD finding acclaim and support from tastemakers throughout the scene, their new collaboration is sure to make some major waves. 

Hot on the heels of an impressive string of releases, MA based CHYLD links up with one of his personal favorite artists, Tennyson to craft, “Mess this Up”.  With both trendsetters putting work in on the production and writing, CHYLD says, “This song is about finding the right person in your life and never taking them for granted, and never wanting to mess it up.”  With both Tennyson and CHYLD finding acclaim and support from tastemakers throughout the scene, their new collaboration is sure to make some major waves. 

Electronic, Pop | CHYLD & Emilia Ali Release Emotive New Collab ‘Be Him for Her’

Posted by on September 28, 2020

CHYLD and Emilia Ali team up for a heartbreak song about the end of the road and the hopes going forward. While things often go much differently, this tune is about moving on and wishing the best for your ex – a beautiful sentiment that few seem to be able to accomplish. With an upbeat mood, and colorful vibes, the two artists collab for brand new single, “Be Him for Her”, attempting to change the direction of pop music.

CHYLD says, “Working with Emilia was, and always will be an amazing experience and such a pleasure. She really Wrote this tune from the bottom of her heart, and I think you can hear that in the song.

Electronic, Hip-Hop | CHYLD & Ronnie Lott Team Up for ‘ur a puzzle’

Posted by on August 12, 2020

I’m tempted to make this entire post one very long pun about CHYLD and Ronnie Lott’s new song “ur a puzzle” being the missing puzzle piece that I needed, but don’t worry, I won’t. Instead, I’ll just say that CHYLD is back with what is in my opinion his best release to date.  The Boston based producer and multi-instrumentalist welcomed San Antonio raised MC, Ronnie Lott, onto this song, and boy am I glad he did! Lott’s confident flow paired with his cheeky lines like “We go together like schoolwork and students at Princeton” makes for a perfect topline for CHYLD’s synth-filled track.

Both of these artists are on the rise, CHYLD leaning a bit more into the Electronic lane and Ronnie Lott into Hip-Hop. I was previously unfamiliar with Ronnie Lott’s work, but I have been a frequent listener of CHYLD’s for a bit, so I expected to hear more melancholy, contemplative lyrics. However, I was pleasantly surprised to hear them sing about the fun and upbeat topic of meeting a new crush. This Hip-Hop jam has buzzy synths, a groove fit for dancing, and flirty lyrics perfect for the summer time.


Drum & Bass, Electronic | WE R OK Enlist CHYLD for Official Remix

Posted by on July 14, 2020

Since making their debut in June, New York based dysfunctional duo WE R OK have vowed to keep the heat coming. With their debut single, “Ghosts” racking up over 20k streams in its first month, they have recently sweetened the pot with an official remix from Boston based mad man CHYLD.

With their debut setting the tone for what’s to come, WE R OK deliver a pumping Alt-Rock jam that is as chill as it is haunting. While both parties battle their own demons, the new project is serving as an outlet to get some things off their chest while also exercising their undeniable creative sides.

With the official remix, CHYLD flips the chilled out tune into an energetic, electronic, Drum n Bass inspired jam the speeds up the tempo and helps to kick things up a notch while exposing the brand new group to a much wider audience. Holding onto what made the original so catchy, CHYLD brings in his signature sound design and impressive synth work to warp the tune into something entirely different and fresh.

With another remix and their second single on the horizon, make sure you keep an eye on WE R OK through the rest of the year.

Electronic, Pop | CHYLD Hits with Latest Bop ‘Headache’

Posted by on July 7, 2020

            Following his breakout release “ANTIDOTE” with Mickey Darling, CHYLD is back with another genre-bending tune that is truly meant for all music lovers. “Headache” is a multi-faceted banger that brings about intense feelings of both hopelessness and reenergizing resolution, a dichotomy that only the most talented of virtuosos can portray.

The Boston-based multi-instrumentalist/producer utilizes touching guitar licks and buzzy synths for the first half of the song, allowing the sounds to constantly deconstruct one another but nevertheless falling into cadence without missing a beat. CHYLD’s emotive vocals complement the confusing but eerily familiar vibes of “Headache” and supply a much needed comfort that makes the track inescapable intimate.

Almost without warning, the syncopated guitar-based song transforms into a flutter of revitalizing synths that are complemented by an angelic voice that proclaims “It’s over my head”. The song then de-escalates into near-silence with the lyrics echoing in another voice, and before the dust can settle another wave of synths hit. The listener finds themself in a newly-constructed soundscape of crashing synths and it feels as though a tension has been lifted. The sentiments of hopelessness and loss are recycled and repurposed into a vivacious state of feeling. “Headache” truly is unique in that it really is a musical journey, developing and veering in different directions.

Electronic, Pop | CHYLD and Drowsy Bring New Life to ‘Bedtime’ with New Pack of Remixes

Posted by on April 24, 2020

A few months ago, Boston artist and talented multi-instrumentalist CHYLD introduced us to his new single “Bedtime” featuring Drowsy. The record was well received by CHYLD’s growing fanbase. Now, CHYLD and Drowsy are back raising the bar with an EP of “Bedtime” remixes. Each remix has a subtle twist with the help of some familiar names in the dance scene including Brett and Butter, nÜ nÜ, Matheïs and sad face. and sad face. All remixes bring a different vibe leaving fans to decide which one is their favorite.

In the Brett and Butter version, you’ll hear large airy sonics that mesh into a danceable record, followed by nÜ nÜ’s remix which is upbeat and rhythmic with an awe captivating breakdown. Next, Matheïs’ introduces a slow tempo full of colorful textures and slapping drums, while sad face spins the emotional direction by exhibiting a slow spacy ballad. Finally, bringing it all together, CHYLD and Drowsy leave us with a special acoustic remix. Altogether, the “Bedtime” mix is guaranteed to take you on a musical journey. Don’t miss out on this exclusive collection of remixes. 

Electronic, Pop | CHYLD and Drowsy Team Up for ‘Bedtime’

Posted by on January 17, 2020

After teaming up with Tommy Boy during the second half of 2019 for a string of well-received singles, Worchester based producer/multi-instrumentalist CHYLD is ready to kick off 2020 with his latest jam, titled, “Bedtime”. 

Featuring Las Vegas based vocalist Drowsy, the duo crafts a moody and emotional tune that feels perfect for the mid-winter months.  Opening up with some muted guitar and somber vocals, the track quickly opens up with the introduction of vibrant, pumping synths – an aspect of the tune that is quickly becoming part of CHYLD’s signature sound.  Throughout the track, vocals from both CHYLD and Drowsy interplay with each other, creating a smooth and hypnotic duet that is sure to hit you in the feels.  With a whole lot more in the pipeline, CHYLD is preparing for a stand out year in 2020.