CHYLD Hits with Latest Bop ‘Headache’

Posted by on July 7, 2020

            Following his breakout release “ANTIDOTE” with Mickey Darling, CHYLD is back with another genre-bending tune that is truly meant for all music lovers. “Headache” is a multi-faceted banger that brings about intense feelings of both hopelessness and reenergizing resolution, a dichotomy that only the most talented of virtuosos can portray.

The Boston-based multi-instrumentalist/producer utilizes touching guitar licks and buzzy synths for the first half of the song, allowing the sounds to constantly deconstruct one another but nevertheless falling into cadence without missing a beat. CHYLD’s emotive vocals complement the confusing but eerily familiar vibes of “Headache” and supply a much needed comfort that makes the track inescapable intimate.

Almost without warning, the syncopated guitar-based song transforms into a flutter of revitalizing synths that are complemented by an angelic voice that proclaims “It’s over my head”. The song then de-escalates into near-silence with the lyrics echoing in another voice, and before the dust can settle another wave of synths hit. The listener finds themself in a newly-constructed soundscape of crashing synths and it feels as though a tension has been lifted. The sentiments of hopelessness and loss are recycled and repurposed into a vivacious state of feeling. “Headache” truly is unique in that it really is a musical journey, developing and veering in different directions.

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