Abstract Hip-Hop, Chill, Electro, Electronic, Hip-Hop | HiFadility Calls An Iso With Lauryn Hill On His Edit Of “Ready or Not”

Posted by on June 26, 2015

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HiFadility dropped another exciting edit, an isolation of Lauryn Hill’s vocals from The Fugee’s “Ready or Not” track with a very luxurious hip-hop/world instrument electronic sound.  What really makes this track worth supporting is the thoughtfulness involved in the arrangement of quality sounds, and the attention used in choosing the vocal arrangement.  HiFadility is part of a movement that is bringing consciousness back into popular culture.

HiFadility, whose tagline is “peace, love and prosperity”, seems to ask for intention and awareness out of life that he also likes to deliver within his music, allowing him to create really intricate and interesting pieces. Before releasing this track, he asked himself the question of why he decides to make, release and engage in the music industry.  He replied with the idea of: “What does make creating music worth the while is the mystery.” Later that night, at the release of the Lauryn Hill track, he simply posted an infinity sign, “?”, indicating the infinite nature of our being and sound, the thrilling mystery of music, and how it magically touches our soul.

The ability to make chill bangers, songs that are laid back but still get you pumped up, is pretty unique, so make sure to check out this track, it’s just in time for the summer feels.  HiFadility will be releasing more videos and tracks in relation to this concept project, The Queens EP, over the duration of the summer, so be sure to follow HiFadility on his social media, soundcloud, tumblr, twitter, for more gems.


Trap | Illstrtd – Spacejam

Posted by on January 29, 2014

illstrtdIt is always a joy to click on a random submission in the sea of unread emails that sit in my inbox and find something really good. All the way from sunny and warm Melbourne, Australia, Illstrtd adds his name to the talented chillwave, trap artists who are taking over from down under. Taken from his upcoming EP, “Spacejam” is rife with well-placed, pitched vocal samples over a bed of piercing high hats and a bouncy melody. Grab the free download and look for the EP soon.

Facebook | Soundcloud

Free Download: Illstrtd – Spacejam

Hip-Hop, Rap | YalaMusiq – La La La (ft. Beau Young Prince)

Posted by on January 19, 2014

As of late it seems that my music tastes have been heavily shifting towards the melody-heavy sounds of deep house and chillwave music. However, my heart still lies in hip-hop, so when I find a song that is able to combine all the elements that I am growing more fond of with those of rap, I am one happy camper.

Beau Young Prince is a native of Washington, D.C. and although he’s been in the music game for a minute, these next few months should be big ones. We have already begun to see his groovy sounds spread beyond the DMV roots, and with stellar music like this, I see no limits for how much it can grow. Enjoy “La La La” and go check Beau on Twitter to stay updated!


Chill | Nick Leng – Crawled Out Of The Sea

Posted by on January 10, 2014

crawled outFacebook | SoundCloud 

“Crawled Out Of The Sea” by Nick Leng was brought to my attention today and it’s that much needed sound vacation I’ve needed. Sometimes a nice little chill record is all the soul needs, and Mr. Leng delivers. I would classify this tune as chillwave with a little bit of trap. Word is Basenji is working on a remix, and another remix by a very popular producer that I won’t give away until confirmed. No samples, all original, peep Nick’s SoundCloud, and support this record by purchasing it on Bandcamp. This is a must listen!

Bandcamp: Nick Leng – Crawled Out Of The Sea

Hip-Hop, Rap | GoldLink – Electronic Relaxation (prod. Ta-Ku)

Posted by on August 8, 2013


Some of you may already be familiar with Virginia rapper, GoldLink, because of his previous track “They Don’t Like Me”, which was featured on FNT a few weeks back. However, if you are not yet “hip” to the spitter, have no fear. I couldn’t imagine a better introduction to GoldLink’s music than the versatile track “Electronic Relaxtion”.

The instrumental was constructed by chillwave producer, Ta-Ku, and despite the complexity of the beat, GoldLink manages to control his delivery and play off the intricacy to make an astounding sound. Although he’s still finding his stride within his music, the amount of raw talent and promise that spews out of every bar shows just how bright of a future that GoldLink has ahead of him.

Follow GoldLink on twitter to stay updated and grab the free download from Soundcloud below!

Chill | The 1975 – Me (T.H.I.E.F.S remix)

Posted by on July 18, 2013


Seeing as how I have subconsciously taken my shirt off hours ago and instead of going to Bed Bath and Beyond to get my mom some new pillows after I accidentally spilled a bowl of steak marinade that I was mixing while on her bed I am now, and have been since it happened, hiding in my room, so it was the perfect time for me to have come across this song. T.H.I.E.F.S (great name btw) is a garage/chill/electronic producer from the UK. His latest remix is a bit different from his previous few releases. In this he has added a touch of house to his pleasant chillwave that he does so well and it works out great. I don’t really know how to further describe this track so I will leave you with this.  If you were to slice up a lemon, toss it in the air, go and walk your dog, come back and go to bed, wake up, go to your kitchen, slip on it, then pick up a slice of the lemon, it would still be cleaner than the piece of lemon that was in my iced tea last night. Absolutely ridiculous. What was that waitress doing.

Free Download: The 1975 – Me (T.H.I.E.F.S remix)

In case you were wondering what his chillwave sounded like..

Chill, Indie | SPIRITANIMAL – Forever Ago (Prod. by DREAMGHOST)

Posted by on June 25, 2013


Tucked deeply away in the depths of my bedside drawer is a box of tissues. I don’t keep them out in the open because, quite frankly, it’s embarrassing. Nobody wants to know what I do when things didn’t go as planned and I’m all alone in my bed at night. Well, the sun hasn’t even set yet but the box is out of the drawer. You see, I like to make paper mache hats out of slightly damp tissues. How it becomes damp is none of my concern. One cannot simply construct these hats with pants on or without music and house is far to frantic for the delicacy and concentration required so it cannot do. It is for that reason I turn to the soothing sounds of chillwave. Chillwave, in a sense, is the shirtless Adam Levine of the music world. Not many search for it, but once in a while you’ll come across a pic and, not bad. A collaboration between SPIRITANIMAL and DREAMGHOST, whose names are in all caps for some reason, was my shirtless pick for the day (I picked it while shirtless). Whether you are driving around the city or just having fun with damp tissues, this song will fit the occasion.