Freestyle, Hip-Hop, Videos | New Childish Gambino on Tim Westwood [Video]

Posted by on July 14, 2012

It seems that the days of genuine freestyling are all but behind us. Once a critical part of an upcoming emcee’s resume, freestyle sessions (like those of popular English DJ Tim Westwood) have now become a place where artists preview written verses, generally covering up the fact that they actually can’t freestyle at all. In the past year or so, this fact has become even more transparent, with artists like Drake (and now Childish Gambino) literally reading their “freestyle” verses off of their phones. Call it what you want—I’d still say it’s more honest than the opposite—like when J. Cole went on Westwood last year and delivered an impeccable freestyle that we all realized a few months later was just a verse on his debut album. Regardless, Childish Gambino is blowing up fast, and not only that—he is improving ridiculously fast as a rapper. While there are definitely a few songs off of CAMP that I like to bump, on a scale of most impressive elements of the project, his flow and lyricism were dead-last. Royalty, on the contrary (which you can download here in case you missed it), is a showcase of his radical improvement, which occured most clearly in those two areas. Now, he’s on a press tour, and of course makes the critical Westwood stop to drop off a handful of newly-scribed verses (you can tell just how fresh they are when CG laughs at the “bok choy” line). Watch him drop some impressive lines over Usher’s “Lemme See”, and do justice to the Harry Fraud instrumental that has been getting torn apart lately (cc: Kinetics’ “Chris Nolan”).

Hip-Hop, Mixtapes | Childish Gambino – ROYALTY (Mixtape)

Posted by on July 5, 2012

Childish Gambino delivers this brand new mixtape for our listening pleasure. This 18 track compilation from Mr. Glover features some FNT favorites including SchoolBoy Q, Chance The Rapper, Danny Brown, Bun B, and many more. Make sure you get this because it is a MUST DOWNLOAD. My notable tracks would be Toxic, They Don’t Like Me, and Black Faces. I think this was a big improvement from his Album, feel free to sound off in the comment section with your opinions.


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Hip-Hop | Childish Gambino – We Ain’t Them

Posted by on May 17, 2012

After embarking on a twitter rant for the record books, Donald Glover graced us with the link to a new track in between defending himself from internet nobodies. It frustrates me seeing how this guy is treated(and tweeted). People need to accept Childish Gambino for what he is. He’s a comedian, who can make a damn good beat, and kills it every time. His talents are un matched in the music game right now, and also has the ability to produce, act, all the while getting laughs, and hate. This hate has made him who he is, if he didn’t get hated on, he would probably run out of material, being that most of his songs are reflective of his past. Without further adieu, I’ll let you dissect Gambino’s newest track, We Ain’t Them. And haters, try this, stop having a preconcieved notion in your head of what a rapper is SUPPOSED to be, and just try and enjoy the damn music.


Alternative, Pop, Videos | Josh Osho – Giants ft. Childish Gambino [Music Video]

Posted by on April 13, 2012

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It’s always gratifying finding a diamond in the ruff after searching aimlessly through Twitter, Facebook, and emails for hours, in search of music that is completely new to my ears.  Josh Osho is the diamond.  A 20-year old London born singer/songwriter plotting the release of his debut EP due out May 14th.  Breaking out with his first single featuring Mr. Glover as Childish Gambino, Osho’s bold vocals meet the hard bars of Bino for a perfect balance of pop, alternative, and hip-hop. Facebook || Twitter

Hip-Hop | Childish Gambino – Eat Your Vegetables

Posted by on April 2, 2012

The triple threat(rapping, producing acting) Donald Glover hits us with his latest single, Eat Your Vegetables. Gambino himself samples Donkey Kong 2’s “Water Level,” on the self produced beat. I’ve been a fan of Childish Gambino ever since I first heard Freaks and Geeks, over a year ago. People need to respect him for what he is, instead of hating on him for not being the typical “thug” rapper, they need to appreciate him for what he is, a comedian. Who can make some damn good music. How would you guys feel about me writing an editorial on my feelings on Childish Gambino? Sound off in the comments or catch me via twitter. Also, catch the ambiguous lyrics on Rap Genius if you need help understanding them.

Childish Gambino – Eat Your Vegetables Lyrics

Hip-Hop | Ludovin ft. Childish Gambino- Tricks

Posted by on March 28, 2012

I put in work, ask Ludwig. Put my soul on the track like shoes did.

While many questions remain about Childish Gambino, one of the most perplexing lines from the tape was an obscure reference to an unknown producer by the name of Ludwig. The blogosphere clamored to to find Ludwig’s but were unable to do so, until now. Ludwig Göransson also known as Ludovin helped co-write and co-produce Gambino’s “Camp” EP and now he’s back with an EP of his own. The project is entitled, “How To Find A Party” and you can grab the full project by clicking here.

Girl Fire, Videos | Childish Gambino- Heartbeat (Video)

Posted by on February 12, 2012

I read his posts on your wall and I feel sick. He ain’t cool, he balling and all that, but he’s just a fake n*gga that blogs in all caps.

For someone who’s accustomed to being a misogynistic bro, Childish Gambino’s “Heartbeat” video doesn’t exactly fit the bill. “Heartbeat” tells the story of two former lovers who struggle to deal with the initial breakup. Gambino knows the hottest love has the coldest end- and chose to make the video reflect the mood of the song. Since “Camp” is still in session, continue to support the child by purchasing his debut album on iTunes. Grab some graham crackers and marshmallows- this song is about to be on fire.

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