Childish Gambino – Eat Your Vegetables

Posted by on April 2, 2012

The triple threat(rapping, producing acting) Donald Glover hits us with his latest single, Eat Your Vegetables. Gambino himself samples Donkey Kong 2’s “Water Level,” on the self produced beat. I’ve been a fan of Childish Gambino ever since I first heard Freaks and Geeks, over a year ago. People need to respect him for what he is, instead of hating on him for not being the typical “thug” rapper, they need to appreciate him for what he is, a comedian. Who can make some damn good music. How would you guys feel about me writing an editorial on my feelings on Childish Gambino? Sound off in the comments or catch me via twitter. Also, catch the ambiguous lyrics on Rap Genius if you need help understanding them.

Childish Gambino – Eat Your Vegetables Lyrics