Electronic, RnB | Snakehips – After I Met U

Posted by on July 31, 2014

As I write this, I’ve only listened one time to this brilliant new track from UK heartthrobs, Snakehips, and my fingertips are tingling with excitement. I even just caught myself casually grinning. Preface: summer vibes to the max (because rainbow pastel is the new black, right?). “After I Met U” radiates the Snakehips’ signature style of combining sultry R&B vocals and feelings with an upbeat and addicting retro electronic backing. A style we’ve seen most recently in their kaleidoscopic single “Days With You” featuring songstress Sinead Harnett. This track, which was pulled from Snakehips’s live sets in response to the high demand from fans, showcases Cheri Dennis in a much more exhilarating manner than the original. And to top off what was already another casually perfect song from the cat-loving producing duo, the switch up and throwback at the 2:15 mark will knock you out of your chair. And suddenly I’m feeling compelled to whip out some of ol’ Jenny’s moves… 


Chill, Electronic | Sinead Harnett (Feat Snakehips) – No Other Way

Posted by on May 29, 2014

The stunning British songstress Sinead Harnett, who you might recognize from her collabs with Ryan Hemsworth & Disclosure, recently paired up with my *all-time* fav producing duo Snakehips to bring us this electro-soul feel-good jam “No Other Way.” You’ll recognize those spacey sounds that are so quintessentially Snakehips, but it’s Sinead’s vocals that really steal the spotlight here, enveloping you like a gentle breeze on a warm summer day. If you’re a fan of Banks, you’re going to love this. And on a side note, shoutout to Snakehips for their efforts in bringing soul and R&B music back to life, what a breath of fresh air it is to hear something with some real feelings.


Chill, Electronic | Tom Misch – Soulection White Label: 008

Posted by on April 17, 2014

The methods of which Soulection uses to discover its vast spectrum of artists is as impressive and mysterious to me as the natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights, yet they’ve got it down to a science and are doing the world a great justice by sharing their findings gratuitously and by the plenty. Soulection features countless artists from each and every genre, but their White Label selections are something extra special, showcasing newcomers who are really bringing something to the table. I found this past week’s pick, Tom Misch, to be probably one of my favorites out of the series so far. This *free* White Label release features three tracks, all of which are incredibly executed and in my opinion, really represent the characteristic sound of Soulection (which as you can hear almost always has its roots in Dilla).

By the way, did you know Tom Misch is only 18 years old? Slayin’ em, Soulection, just slayin’ em.



Progressive House | R3hab & NERVO & Ummet Ozcan – Revolution (Moiez Remix)

Posted by on January 9, 2014


I have never quite come to a conclusion on whether or not I find the Nervo twins attractive but I’m leaning towards no. I am leaning towards yes however when I discuss whether Moiez is one of the top progressive house producers in the Vancouver area, which I never do. His newest release is a remix of R3hab, Nervo and Ummet Ozcan’s “Revolution” and honestly, it’s good. He keeps a lot of elements from the original but adds a melodic touch that the original was lacking, primarily in regards to the drop.

Free Download: R3hab & NERVO & Ummet Ozcan – Revolution (Moiez Remix)


Posted by on April 17, 2013

As the weather (hopefully) starts to warm up, it’s time to start building your go-to summertime poolside playlist, and this track from the British duo Bondax is the perfect place to start. This song starts off nice and easy like a Sunday morning then gradually picks up into this delicious beat that gets your body moving and some how leaves you craving for another listen every time. Luckily, their Soundcloud is rich with more of this electro-beat swag so when you hear the closing steel drums at the end of Gold and your daydream of sipping piña coladas, beach side with your toes in the sand, comes to abrupt end, you’ll know where to go.