Chill, Nu Disco | Sparkee and PINEO & LOEB’s Release Deadmau5 Supported Single “Feel It” ON Westwood Recordings

Posted by on May 21, 2018

Receiving some typical sarcastic but positive attention from a legend, Sparkee and PINEO & LOEB’s track “Feel It” dropped earlier in the month, Deadmau5 playing it out on his Twitch stream, both criticizing and complimenting it. This high energy piece of music features wild synths and an intense, pulse-pounding rhythm backed by exceptional production quality. Sparkee brings his own talents to bear with his use of basslines, himself having remixed the mau5 previously and receiving critical acclaim, yet this time providing a groovy foundation for “Feel It” that donates his iconic energy and feel.

PINEO & LOEB are a relatively new set of talent emerging from Nova Scotia but are hitting the game hard with a ton of enthusiasm, skill and fresh creativity. Blending elements of rock and hip hop alongside other elements,these new comers are a welcome sight within the dance scene. Sparkee has a host of records and experience under his belt, this single being a style that shows off an uplifting side.

Nu Disco | Eko Zu Release Disco Single “We Found Love”

Posted by on June 5, 2017

Eko Zu have unleashed their next addition to what has been a string of groovy disco vocal singles that have the West Coast filling up personable venues and tracking their latest moves – this one entitled “We Found Love”. Featuring technical vocal verses, the layering of groovy drums and funky guitar and bass is what makes this one hit the sweet spot.

There are several aspects that make this group appealing, some of the best being the art that they surround each release with, the synergy between the band, and the forward thinking mindset they are pushing through there releases that is for a pretty specific niche; all while having a jump–in–and–dance live music feel to it.

Nu Disco, Pop | Fabriq – Electric Flow is Awesome

Posted by on May 16, 2017

One of the coolest new tunes I just discovered, it sounds like it should be on the radio – say hello to Fabriq! I sometimes come across new tunes, and this one has been looping in my head all day yesterday. Make sure you checkout their lyrics, they are so good, find them here: Electric Flow – Fabriq Lyrics


Nu Disco | NVO Puts Fresh Edge On Disco With “Limitless” And “Shift Me”

Posted by on March 2, 2017

Starting in 2010, NVO, has been dominating the scene with consistent music created with an array of guitars, bass, drums, synthesizers and anything else they can pick up to bring us the funk. Their music is refreshing, as they have taken a different approach to electronic music using a fusion of bass heavy rock, sci-funk, and rave hop. If I were to summarize the 4-member band I would say they are a cross between MSTRKRAFT and a mild Bloody Beetroots. They bring back the grooviness but with a pinch of attitude as their unique live electronic style sound has gotten them supporting slots for the likes of MSTRKRFT, Goldfish, Particle, The New Deal, Lotus, Conspirator and Bernie Worell. Along with that they’ve had their music placed in Hulu’s show “Resident Advisors” and if you’ve ever been to the San Fransisco Giants stadium then you’ve most definitely heard their music.


Nu Disco, Techno | Risqué By The Kisser Takes Disco Sound To A Special Place

Posted by on March 1, 2017

The Kisser, a France native just dropped what is being called “The future of disco” on Arkade. The track entitled ”Risqué” is nothing less than an absolute dance floor filler. The track consists of classic disco elements combined with modern production techniques that is a fresh edge to the genre. The horns have a robust and dominate sound over a percussion pattern that glides smoothly throughout the track, with clean production and hints of filtering; this track was built for the club. Released on February 25th he already has the support of dance music legends Kaskade and many more.

The label Arkade is based out in Los Angeles, California and was founded by none other than Kaskade himself. The Kisser is joined with a release roster of John Dahlback, Digital Lab, Henrix and more garnering him a spot next to some of the best producers of the genre in the industry. The label was founded to bring the producers into the light and it’s no question that The Kisser is a great addition to an already talented release imprint. To dive into the new sound od modern Disco be sure to check out the 4 minute track via the link above.

Future Funk, Nu Disco | FNT Premiere: Eko Zu’s “All I Ever” Uniquely Mixes Live Instruments With Electronic Off Of “Eternal Eyes” EP

Posted by on February 24, 2017

This eccentric and diverse trio has a rather different back-story from your every day producers. Eko Zu is a musical trio that consists of the melody weaver Zu’ri, nimble songstress Zu’CH3N, and frequency shaper Zu’Ian. Discovered on Eko Isle, a little known deserted island in the Mariana Archipelago, they are the only known example of Animal-Human hybrid evolution. On mastering the mystic songs of the Pacifc, protecting the island from hoards of poachers, and learning the tongue of every beast in the Jungle, Eko Isle accepted them as her own. The ritual took 155 days; their physiques were transformed into hybrid creatures; they claim to have no memory of the process, or have kept the island’s secret. In bringing the sounds of the Eko Isle to our spirits, the Zu remind us to connect with the animal world, mother nature, the planet, the green spaces, the love places; to remember our inner ravens; to beat as one with the heart of the jungle.

“All I Ever” is the last track they are revealing, but the EP is consisting of 5 tracks including an official remix of Glitch Mob’s “Fly By Night Only,” the EP incorporates groovy disco-inspired beats paired with funky guitars and cheerful vocals. The first single “Let Me Fall” is the perfect track that brings you an immediate connection with their music, with catchy synth melodies and beautiful vocals. This trio offers their listeners stellar production combined with a creative and unique flare that is cherished amongst today’s saturated market and this is how they set themselves apart.

Nu Disco | Dance your afternoon away with Hight’s Debut single “Sun Come Up”

Posted by on September 14, 2016

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Summer may be on the outs in the next few weeks, unless you live down under in Australia, but London based producer Hight is still keeping the sunshine alive. In his debut record “Sun Come Up” listeners will soak up the sun and feel good vibes of his funky nu-disco single. Both modern and classic at the same time, Hight keeps it fresh. He’s droppping this one ahead of his European tour alongside international DJ Felix Jaehn. This one is a must listen!