Exclusive, Moombahton, Videos | The R.O.A.R. – Touchdown [Video + EP]

Posted by on February 1, 2013

NYC-based producer the R.O.A.R. stands at the intersection of rock and moombahton — and it’s a combination that works better than you think. His newest track, “The Touchdown,” melds the wobbly funk of moombahton with some hard-edged vocals and driving drum kicks for a result that’s high energy and sure to get you moving. The full package is out now on Beatport and features remixes that range from trill and trap’t out to groovy and latin-infused (see: Mr. Vega of Sazon Booya’s take). And sure to check out the above video — the visuals match the vibe of the song perfectly.

Beatport: The R.O.A.R. – Touchdown EP

Dubstep, Electro-House, Moombahton, Review | KillSonik – Where The River Runs Black EP

Posted by on January 30, 2013

KillSonik - Where The River Runs Black EP

I literally could not wait for the release of this EP. KillSonik has done nothing but blow my mind on what type of artists they are to be known as. The duo kicked off the EP with a filthy Moombahton track, “Where The River Runs Black.” I never would have guessed that they would drop in a moombahcore track, let alone end up loving it. The first Dubstep track “Walrus” has had my mind going in spins the past few days. I enjoy the mellow intro that breaks into spooky synths, building up to an epic drop that I will forever relate to the mighty Walrus haha. “Slaughterhouse” is by far my favorite track of the EP. It is everything I hoped to hear from KillSonik in terms of a Dubstep track. Close behind in second though, “Je Te Veux” turned out to be the best surprise. When I found out the track was Electro-House, I was instantly excited to listen. To my enjoyment, this track owns face. Every expectation I have had over the past few months building my impatience was every bit worth the wait. KillSonik delivered.


Beatport | iTunes (GB)

Albums, Compilation, Moombahton | Review: Moombahton Forever

Posted by on January 22, 2013

Moombahton Massive

As some of you may already know, I tend to get unreasonably fired up about moombahton. This is in part because I’m a D.C. native, like the genre itself, and in part because I like to shake my ass (and there’s nothing more conducive to ass shaking than Dutch house bouncing along at 110 bpm above a funky riddim). Happily, it would seem that I’m not alone in this regard; with moombahton-centric stages cropping up at major festivals and heavy support for the genre coming from some of electronic music’s biggest names, it’s clear that Dave Nada’s “Moombah” MacGyver job has officially taken on a life of its own.

Moombahton Forever is therefore exciting for many reasons. First, it’s a panoramic shot of the genre as it stands at this exact moment. Moombahton has evolved a fair amount since that fateful homecoming party in 2010; it’s a niche subgenre of electronic music, to be sure, but over time it has come to contain its own diverse elements. In other words, there’s more going on under the moombah hood than you might expect, and it’s all on display in this very thorough 20 track compilation. There are tracks that pay homage to the genre’s midtempo roots in cumbia and global funk. There are deep, sexy tracks that are better suited to the after party than the the club. There are rollicking bangers that recall the halfway mark of a Knife Party set. Hell, there’s even Dillon Francis. Which brings me to my next point: most of moombahton’s most stalwart players are represented on Moombahton Forever. Nadastrom, Tittsworth, Sazon Booya, Bro Safari, ETC!ETC!, Ayres, Torro Torro, Sabo, Craze, Gent & Jawns, Munchi, the aforementioned I.D.G.A.F.O.S. poster boy…the gang’s quite literally all here, and it truly feels like a big creative culmination for everybody involved.

Admittedly, there are people who may find Moombahton Forever repetitive at times, as moombahton, with its fundamental structure of high synth leads and a reggaeton bassline, can get a bit subtle in its intricacies. In fact, there is something nuanced and almost house-esque about moombahton at its very deepest — and it’s a testament to the production level on display that elements of that particular side of electronic music meld so seamlessly with elements from its more primal cousins. I personally find Moombahton Forever smoothly textured and incredibly well organized; the tracks fit together beautifully and as compilations go, it manages to establish an omnipresent unifying theme without feeling redundant. The best part? The bonus continuous mix is all you need to set off a wild, sweaty dance party in your basement.

Rating: 4/5. For best results, add Natty Boh and really good speakers. But remember: there’s only one U Street Music Hall.

Beatport: Moombahton Forever


Moombahton | Craze – Selekta! (VIP)

Posted by on December 25, 2012

World famous, DJ Craze decided to jump in on the Christmas spirit and give away his VIP of  his release, “Selekta!” I am not one to be bumping out to Moombahton, but this track really hits my funky bone. Yes, I mean funky.


Moombahton | Nicky Romero & Nervo – Like Home (Dillon Francis Remix)

Posted by on December 17, 2012

In his remix of “Like Home,” Dillon Francis brings his hallmark sound to Nicky Romero and Nervo’s big collaboration. It’s more or less what you’d expect — bright, high leads and a bouncy drop — but it’s a fun and upbeat listen that will be great live. I’d love to see Dillon explore a different direction going forward, but for the time being his distinctive style has legs.

Beatport: Nicky Romero & Nervo – Like Home (Dillon Francis Remix)

Dubstep, Glitch, Moombahton | Daft Punk – Robot Rock [The Frim Remix]

Posted by on November 17, 2012

What a way to kick off Saturday night. The Frim comes through with this funky remix to an all time classic of Daft Punk’s Robot Rock. He turns this Electronic remix upside down, and gives it a nice grimy feel at a mid-tempo speed. This is a just a taste of what is to come on his EP this week, more specifically Nov. 20th. Grab this free download HERE.

Moombahton | Dillon Francis – Bootleg Fireworks

Posted by on October 30, 2012

Dillon Francis follows up his collaborative effort with Calvin Harris on his new album 18 Months with a single release on Calvin Harris’ label Fly Eye Records. The track revels in the bouncy moombahton that has helped catapult Dillon Francis to where he his is in his career, while adding chopped soulful vocals and fast paced synth chords. Dillon continues to show his versatility as a producer and when trap seems to be taking the place of moombahton, it is nice to see one of its champions returning to it.

Beatport: Dillon Francis – Bootleg Fireworks