“Rikiki” is a colorful Afro-fusion ode to the motherland of Africa by Shopé

Posted by on December 6, 2020

Toronto, Canada based up-and-coming artist Shopé dropped his music video for his single, “Rikiki” recently and it’s a vibe! The son of Nigerian parents, Shopé was born and raised in Lagos till age eleven when he and his family emigrated to Canada to seek out a fresh start and new opportunities, leaving the comfort of their home, friends, family and culture behind. As is the story of many immigrants in the West, his family were often met with hardship and unwelcoming arms when trying to assimilate to their new surroundings. It was only after facing some harsh truths that Shopé’s perspective gradually began to shift, it took him seeing and experiencing the disparity in treatment between white people and people of color first hand for him to rethink his position.  It was a sobering realization to find that the land he now proudly called his home was the same land which bullied him into gradually denouncing his heritage and turning his back on his culture, the very same culture that once brought him so much joy and comfort. Watch the video for “Rikiki” above now!